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Cornerstone 2000 and the Rave Scene
By Tina Cottier and Darryl Cottier (DJ darryL)

In the past five years electric music has grown at an unbelievable pace in the secular market.  It has become common place to hear this music while clothes shopping at a mall or even in TV commercials.  This music is a part of our daily lives but has not been fully accepted into the church because of the club/bar dance culture.  Times are changing. God is forming groups and individuals with a desire to reach the  kids and minister the love of Christ within this untouched dance scene.  Some ministries are even going as far as to hold praise and worship services with a club like atmosphere. Many of these ministries will be represented at the various dance nights at Cornerstone festival 2000. 

Recently the rave scene has been making the news.  Time Magazine ran several articles exposing the drug 'Ecstasy', it's connection to the dance parties and most recently the arrest of Sammy the Bull Gravano and the hundreds of thousands of dollars made by selling 'E' to the club kids.  Even with all it's bad publicity, the rave continues to bring party goers of all ages into the dance house where deejays preach their music and beliefs from the alter of their turn tables. 

A rave, simply defined, is a party, often lasting all night long, at which some type of electronic or techno music is played, usually by a deejay. They are often held in abandoned warehouses or open outdoor spaces and resemble a youth rally where individuals have come to dance and worship the music and music makers. The rave community was founded on and continues to revolve around peace, love, unity and respect (P.L.U.R). It's the belief system they follow without knowing the true source of these ideas.   For now this is a youth culture, a lost culture to be reached by love, unconditionally and non-condemning.

Many of these cutting edge ministries to reach the club kids will be represented this year at Cornerstone.  People like Scott Blackwell of MyX, records rents warehouses and throw raves offering more than just a great
dance party, he offers an alter call at the end of the night.  His reputation as a dj packs the house, his commitment to Jesus, saves the souls. Phillip Kim of N*Soul records and his N*Soldiers pass out music while also sharing hope. N*Soul has and continues to be the top Christian Dance music label. Another group of deejays called Urban Ministry of Sound (UMofS), who will be represented at Cornerstone by DJ darryL and DJ c3po, go to parties and minister love by passing out free water to the ravers with the hope of striking up a conversation.  Jeremy Dawson (Cloud 2 Ground), JR Barbee, Chris White (Prodigal Sons) and UMofS, have even established clubs that offer positive music for a positive vibe in a drug free atmosphere. 

God is moving in the dance scene and doors are being opened.  He is raising up a ministry with a common vision to take His love and hope of salvation to the club kids and the church's of this generation, the rave.  Christian deejays and dance artists, with their love for Christ, their love for music and their desire to use their talents to reach the lost are taking evangelism to a new level. These artists at Cornerstone have the desire to share their success and failures at ministering in these new areas. If you are interested in starting a ministry like these in your area, please contact these ministries below. 

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