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Big Brother

Earthsuit Keeps the Party Alive While Speaking from the Heart
By Andy Argyrakis

It's discouraging to hear the same styles of music over and over in today's cluttered music scene, but thank goodness for the eclectic Earthsuit, the hottest new thing from New Orleans that could light any Mardi Gras crowd on fire.  They don't conform to a specific genre and actually break the mold of virtually anything else in today's modern scene. Time and time again, groups are compared to others, but in the case of Earthsuit, it's just hard to put a peg to them. Some of their tracks feature heavy portions of
sampling in the sprit of the Beastie Boys, while others are slower and more like a soulful D.C. Talk groove.

Nonetheless, it's the band's fast spoken vocals, heart pounding bass, and aggressive percussion that also makes their live set one that shouldn't be missed.  "To be perfectly honest I can't really pinpoint where we fit in," admitted co-vocalist Paul Meany at their recent EDAN Productions show in Chicago.  "We've met a lot of musical purists who think we are using a lot of styles just to be different, but it goes deeper than that.  We mix a lot of different styles because each one of those represents a different emotion and vibe that we want to create." 

On the group's debut Sparrow Records release, Kaleidoscope Superior, the guys pack up all of that emotion into ten distinctive tracks, culling together each of the group's members influence, from Arrested Development to The Police.  "My favorite styles are hip-hop and reggae," Meany said.  "I'm the rap guy in the group and when you blend in hip-hop, you can create a really cool vibe of sounds that you can weave in and out of."

The band has done a good job so far weaving in and out of the walls set up by both the Christian music industry and the mainstream market by playing venues of all types, while staying true to their calling regardless of their environment.  "We like the challenge of playing in front of different audiences all the time," Meany said.  "Sometimes it's fun to have people really go crazy with the sounds and show you they are having a good time.  Other times people just like to sit back and listen, sort of to just take it all in, which is cool too.  It's about trying to connect with everyone in the crowd and get them to enjoy the show in their own way."

Earthsuit digs deeper than their sound, reaching the souls of listener's, through both their lyrics and in their personal time when meeting and greeting fans. "What motivates us is our desire to worship God," Meany added.  "We're not trying to seem too spiritual, we just do what's in our hearts.  We're not about passing judgment on any other group with any other style who may have different goals and sounds in mind."

Despite the energetic album and tight stage show, the band really is about being honest with their feelings and takes song writing very seriously.  "There is just this vibe inside of you that gets struck when you write what you wanted to say," Meany added.  "If we continue to get that vibe struck when working on material, and the audience is getting something out of it, then it's all in God's hands."


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