Flight 180
By Andy Argyrakis

Flight 180 is riding high with the success of their new album Lineup. That project marks the groups' second BEC Recording and is the follow up to the band's 1998 effort Crackerjack

When the band launched into the scene last year with the name of One-Eighty, swing was one of the most popular genres in the music industry.  Groups like The W's, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies were being heard on top 40 radio stations across the country. Crackerjack featured a handful of swing tunes, but was also made up of some ska and punk.

Lineup is a bit of a departure from that disc and it features all swing songs. "We realize that this time around swing is not the hottest rage," said vocalist and percussion player Madelyn Mendoza.  "We had been talking about this for a while and wanted our fans to hear us on an all swing project.  Just because the trend is not as hot as it used to be doesn't mean that the music can't still be good."

The project features four original tunes and six covers, including Glen Miller's classic "Sing, Sing, Sing," and The W's "Devil is Bad."  "Our influences have been groups ranging from Save Ferris, to MXPX, to Dakota Motor Company, and even a little No Doubt," added vocalist and trumpet player Kim Tennberg.  "That doesn't mean that we forget about the classics of the past."

The album has gained a lot of attention, not only musically, but for the album's cover art.  "The costumes we are wearing are the original ones from the movie A League of Their Own.  With a title like Lineup, we thought a baseball motif would work well."

The band is also very proud of their recent tour for the album (with the Supertones).  "We were dreaming a few years ago and said, 'Wouldn't it be cool to tour with the Supertones some day?'"  joked Mendoza.

That dream became a reality and the tour was a fabulous time, according to drummer Jamin Boggs.  "The tour was so much fun and we hit tons of cities throughout the fall," he said.  "We've played 5 to 6 days a week for what seems like a long time, but everything has been really cool.  When you get to talk to fans after the show that love your music and appreciate what you do, it makes it all worth it."

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