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Lonestar is Amazed with the Reason for the Season 
By Andy Argyrakis

Members of the country band Lonestar have found their lives to be truly amazing with the release of their third album "Lonely Grill," which has not only taking the country world by storm, but has also dominated the pop charts thanks to the hit single "Amazed."  The album has spawned additional hits like the upbeat "What About Now" and the gentle ballad "Smile," proving that the group is more than just a one hit wonder.

"Our second album was released a few years back and it did not do as well as we had hoped," recalls keyboard player Dean Sams, while hanging out on his tour bus at a recent stop in Chicago.  "With this album, we knew we needed to come out with a bang and we've accomplished that partly because of 'Amazed,' which has helped the record sell two and a half million copies!"

"Amazed" has not only sold well, but has also touched many listeners with its tender message.  "That song has meant so much to us and we have heard stories from so many people that have been touched by it," reflects singer Richie McDonald.  "We've heard it all with this one, from people who have fallen in love to the song, to those that have been lifted up by it after a loss." Such an inspirational song led the group to share their spiritual roots with many fans, which helped the group cross over into the CCM market with a song for the "Jesus" mini series soundtrack.  Lonestar received such a warm reception from fans in that market that they are returning with This Christmas Time, an album that speaks of their faith and the most wonderful time of the year, on a split release between RCA and Sparrow Records. 

The album features Christmas classics like "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Little Drummer Boy," and "O Holy Night."  The band also contributes three original seasonal songs, like the title cut, "If Everyday Could Be Christmas," and "Reason for the Season." 

Lonestar is all done with their Brooks and Dunn dates and is ready to headline their own tour in support of the new album.  They are excited to feature tracks off of This Christmas Time after tirelessly promoting "Lonely Grill" for the last year.  "We love being on stage and owe it to fans to give it our all," says drummer Keech Rainwater. "…We have a lot of good songs on the tour and come at you with a high energy show you won't soon forget." 

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