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"Only at Cornerstone!"-Old Timers Lead the Way
by Tony LaFianza (15 year festival veteran)

"It could only happen at Cornerstone!"

May I customize one of those familiar cliches? I'd like to change one of Don King's favorite expressions "Only in America," to "Only at Cornerstone!" I've seen so much happen at the Cornerstone Festival over the years that are purely and simply "Cornerstone Moments." No other place on earth could so many diverse people types get together with so much in common. That dynamic makes for a wonderful week of fellowship and service between brothers and sisters from all over the map. That is to say, all over the map of both of location or community, and of culture. But I think mostly "only at Cornerstone" is associated with on stage activity. Although everyone who goes to Cornerstone comes home with their own special moments, here are some of mine...

I remember Mike Knott of LSU pouring a couple gallons of baked beans all over himself on Main Stage one night. That was a Cornerstone moment. The first time I saw Danielson Family play at Cornerstone I was just passing through a small side tent and this band, dressed like nurses were playing this strange, wonderful music. And then a few years later, when I saw Daniel Smith of 
Danielson, play guitar from inside a huge tree that he'd built in the middle of the Encore I stage was a Cornerstone moment. The first time I saw Dead Artist Syndrome in a small tin barn that had turned into an oven. Brian Healy wore a long black trench coat through the show, in over 100 degree temps, and the guys from Undercover rocked behind him; all to a crowd of about 25 of us. That was a Cornerstone moment. I remember Lust Control having pizza delivered to the stage front, in the middle of their show, and sharing it with the fans. The over the top theatrics of Bloodgood, the huge stage antics of One Bad Pig, the constant movement of The Altar Boys. The thrill of seeing bands like Vengeance, the Lead, Crashdog. The brilliance of Charlie Peacock, Daniel Amos, 77s, the ministry of Mylon LeFevre, and Degarmo and Key. I have so many memories and "only at Cornerstone" moments that there's just no way I could relate them all here. But for those of us who have been coming to Cornerstone for years and years, and those of you who remember some of those bands that have been an inspiration for so many, Cornerstone is planning some more of those "only at Cornerstone" moments for Cornerstone 2000! And they're going back in time to do it.

Look through your program and get to the "musicians index," then pan down and pick out all the great bands from years past coming back to the stages of Cornerstone. This year has one of the most exciting line ups ever with the best of the new bands right along side of reunions galore! Some of the bands that have been around the block a few times and are coming to rock Cornerstone again are:
77s: Live and in concert the 77s become a rock and roll force that will fill the night air with power and intensity. The outstanding songs of front man Mike Roe along with his remarkable voice and his guitar genius, will surely impress the Cornerstone Main Stage crowd yet again this year.
Altar Boys: Together as a band for about 10 years through the 80's into the early 90's, the Altar Boys wrote some of Christian Rock's great anthems. One of the most energetic punk/pop rock bands to ever hit main stage at Cornerstone in years past, Mike Stand and his Telecaster guitar would probably run miles by taking laps around the stage during the course of a concert.
The Choir: Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong have always been named among Christian alternative music's elite. They've been wowing Cornerstone fans since their Youth Choir days and will surely impress us all again in 2000 with their beautiful melodies and sound. 
Daniel Amos: Rock pioneers and musical geniuses Daniel Amos, made up of Terry Taylor and some of the best musicians on any stage- any where, will return to Cornerstone Farm this year for the umpteenth time to entertain some of the most rabid fans in the world. We love DA! 
One Bad Pig: One Bad Pig returns to the scene of their "Blow the House Down" video. One of the most popular live bands of ten years ago, will bring their brand of screaming anthem punk rock back to the fields of Cornerstone Festival for this much anticipated reunion!
Resurrection Band: JPUSA's own REZ, perennial favorites for all the years there has been a Cornerstone Festival, will be there again this year to reprise much of their early material. Please don't miss this show if you're a REZ fan! You may not have too many more chances to see this exciting, important band. 
Undercover: One of the pioneer bands of Christian punk music of the 80's and then hard alternative music in the early 90's, will reunite at Cornerstone 2000. As young men the guys of Undercover had a punk, pop, and new wave sound like no one else, but changed with the times into a dark heavy rock band of the 90's. Expect an all star Undercover line up to include Gym Nicolson, Ojo Taylor, Sim Wilson, and others. The secret is out, the lid is off, Undercover rocks on!

Opening for Undercover is new group Cush, made up of old time favorites from Prayer Chain and LSU. Exciting front man Mike Knott, is one of the most entertaining and talented singer/song writers to grace the stages of Cornerstone in years past. And even without a full release on the shelves, Cush will be one of the buzz bands at Cornerstone 2000. If you're an alternative music fan this should be a "don't miss" concert. 

And although Gene Eugene has left us and "gone home," he'll be remembered by another "only at Cornerstone" event as the Festival brings us a Gene Eugene Tribute: Recently the grievous death of Gene Eugene made shock waves through the Christian music world. Eugene was a consummate musician, performer, writer, producer, studio engineer, artist, and very loved by all who knew and worked with him. This year Cornerstone Festival will host a tribute to this beloved man, and festival favorite. Members of Gene Eugene's band, Adam Again, will welcome friends and colleagues to the stage to reprise the profound, pensive, and powerful music, and life of this alternative music legend. 

Be sure to relive some of your own personal Cornerstone moments with these great returning bands, among others, as we all make some new memories at Cornerstone 2000!

And don't forget, "Only at Cornerstone!"

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