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Pedro the Lion
By Andy Argyrakis

Pedro the Lion formed in 1996 under the leadership of singer and guitar player David Bazan. Since then, the group has experienced three record labels, numerous personnel changes, and gained an enormous college following, while hitting the club and campus touring circuit. Their new CD, Winners Never Quit, released on the leading indie label Jade Tree Records, which is also the home of rising college bands like Kid Dynamite and Jets To Brazil. 

“I don’t try to skip steps in this industry,” says Bazan. “There are a lot of bands out there that all want to be in the spotlight, but I have always tried to be honest in songwriting and honest with fans. If you start skipping steps, you’ll find that things don’t end up the way you want them to and the people you are trying to reach will miss your message.”

Bazan is going through a stage of life that a lot of students can identify with. He is questioning the morals he sees in society, while also questioning the faith he grew up in. “I was raised in the Christian faith and always tried to do the right thing,” he says. “But it seemed like the harder I tried, I always failed miserably. I don’t believe in some of the hypocritical ways I saw while growing up, but I want to be morally strong and let people know that they need to be themselves.”

Those thoughts shine through many songs on this project, all set to a relaxing and folksy backbone. Winners Never Quit is an ideal CD to chill out to and one that will be a favorite in late night campus coffee houses for years to come. “I don’t claim to be anything spectacular,” says Bazan. “I’m 24 years old and I think critically in every aspect of life. That’s where the songs come from and although I don’t see them as anything special, I hear so many stories from fans about how the music has affected them.”

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