One on One with Plankeye
Interviewed by Andy Argyrakis 

Plankeye is back and in slightly different form this time around. Relocation chronicles the thoughts and sounds of band members Eric Balmer (guitar, vocals) and Luis Garcia (base, vocals). Those two have written the majority of Plankeye's material on their last four albums, so this time up to the plate, they took total control. "We felt humbled by the circumstances and a little bit torn as well," said Balmer concerning his former band members who decided to no longer be a part of the group. "Eric and I had the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do and write whatever we wanted to on the new record."

Relocation is the band's most introspective album yet and each track plays off some of the band's personal experiences. "We're always trying to artistically better ourselves," said Garcia. "The songs come from the heart."

Take for instance the song "Break My Fall," which happens to be Garcia's favorite on the album. "The fact that we are all sinners and sin has affected everyone's lives really sticks out for me as the message of this song," he said. "Plus the sound is beautiful and really makes you calm down and listen."

The sound of the album includes the rock and roll style that the band is famous for, plus those slower numbers which truly tug at the heart of the listener. The first single off the disc, "Goodbye," is a classic example, starting off very slow and then building momentum towards the end. The opening cut from the album, "Say Now That You're Sorry," starts out roaring and finishes even stronger, proving to be a great track to sing along with.

Some may be skeptical of the band's quality due to their size reduction, but after giving Relocation one spin, fans will know that Plankeye's still got it.


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