Supertones Update
By Andy Argyrakis

"Right now things are a lot of fun. There's a lot of unity!" said an enthusiastic Tony Terusa, bass player for the Supertones. He's referring to the band's recent "Chase the Sun" tour, as well as their current album of the same name.

The band from Orange County, California has been running around the globe for the past year. They closed off 1998 on the Skamania tour, along with the Insyderz and Five Iron Frenzy, and they started 1999 with the Newsboys. Then came their big chance to headline last fall when the Tones brought along All Star United, Plankeye, Flight 180, and comedian Bob Smiley.

The Chase the Sun album has obviously been the focus of these concerts and the guys are pleased with the newer material they are able to play on stage. "This album has a little bit of everything to it," said Terusa. "We started toying around with many different elements of the past and present while fusing in ska."

The band's last two albums, The Adventures of the OC Supertones and Supertones Strike Back were focused around ska, but this time out the boys are mixing things up. Take for instance the slow ballad "Refuge" and the duet with Crystal Lewis, "Away From You." "Our fans are seeing us grow with this material," said trumpet player Darren Mettler. "It's maturing and deepening musically on our part, but it is still the Supertones."

Perhaps their departure from a straight ska album came from the fact that the trend is fading. "Things come and go in terms of musical styles," said Terusa. For us, it's the Lord's will in terms of what direction the band goes. If people like what they hear and they like the message, then we will continue to please our fans.' The thing that binds the group together in their music is the fellowship they share every day on the road. "We learn so many things about each other and how to deal with things because we are always together," said Mettler. "We've learned to encourage one another and reconcile with one another. We just keep trying to live a lie that's pleasing to God and learning how to grow in all aspects of our life."

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