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Soul to Soul with Tim McGraw
by Andy Argyrakis

Imagine having 12 #1 hits, selling well over 11 million albums, and receiving several 1999 and 2000 Country Music Association award nominations!  That's life for Tim McGraw, as difficult as it sounds. Actually, McGraw is one of the hardest working stars in country music history, as demonstrated by his constant placement on Billboard's charts and desire to please fans.  Take his latest album A Place in the Sun plus his new "Soul to Soul" tour, along with his wife Faith Hill, which is giving fans everywhere what they want-hits, fun, and lots of Tim and Faith!

McGraw's portion of the "Soul to Soul" tour features material from The Place in the Sun as well as several greatest hits.  "When times are really good on stage, you want to go on forever," he said.  "The crowd's on their feet and going nuts the whole time.  It's been fun all the way around."

A Place in the Sun has certainly kept pace with his past albums in terms of spawning hit singles.  But even before this project, singles haven't been a problem for the country sensation.  He already had those 12 #1, 5 more top 10's, and 13 music videos, including the #1 Country Music Television (CMT) video of all time with "It's Your Love!"   "You just feel pressured to get better," he said.  "You just want to get better as an artist and cut a better record.  You hope that commercially everything would be as good as the last project. I don't spend a lot of time writing, but just do a lot of listening to try to find songs that are the best for me, as long as I feel like I can do it well," he added.

McGraw's songs always seem to have a story behind them.  Some have a party theme, others may be love songs, while others may be more introspective.  "There are songs that talk about things that are spiritual," he said.  "When selecting,  I'm definitely not going to sing about something I don't believe in." With so many accolades and accomplishments, of course McGraw is free to be the creator of each album, rather than a project filled with record company formulas.  "The best thing about having a lot of fans is that they'll go buy your records," he said.  "It gives you a certain amount of freedom to kind of cut records how you want to cut it."

McGraw has pretty much been there and done that when it comes to sold out shows, top tunes and honors, while learning a lot in the process.  "Parts have been glamorous, like being on award shows but you're also on the road pretty much on a bus driving and doing a show.  "The hardest part is keeping up with friends, but my wife and I would have never met each other if we didn't have the careers that allowed us to."

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