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CMH Records

Timeless Tracks Turned into Tribute Triumphs
By Andy Argyrakis

They are those timeless artists that define generations with a boatload of hits, inspirational treasures, and concert favorites.  Those artists sell a bunch of records, win a plethora of awards, and have a loyal fan base that will go from one corner of the earth to the next to see that performer live.  It's those types of talented, life changing artists that CMH Records and Vitamin Records strive to deliver tribute discs to. 

Their latest collections highlight the careers of Jimmy Buffet, Amy Grant, Van Morrison, and James Taylor.  Although the artists share little genre similarity and come from different walks of life, they unite in one bond of creating music that people have been moved by.  They've also all stood the test of time to have their careers span several decades with their songs covered by many.

First up is Pickin on Jimmy Buffet: A Bluegrass Tribute.  The collection is completely instrumental and features a group of studio musicians to take listeners from Margaritaville to Nashville for not only a bluegrass based album, but also one that paints country and a bit of southern rock into the picture. Songs include some of Buffet's commercial hits, like "Fins," "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and "Margaritaville."  Some of his most loved live tracks are also reinterpreted, including "Son of a Son of a Sailor," "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes," and "A Pirate Looks at Forty."

Next comes How the Years Go By: The Electro-Acoustic Tribute to Amy Grant.  The title sounds a bit odd, but after a listen, the Amy Grant lover will find it to be a combination of acoustic renditions, along with some plugged in reinterpretations.  Various session singers are rotated throughout the project to bring about their own versions of both Grant's mainstream hit singles and spiritual staples.  The album obviously features the title cut, as well as "Baby, Baby," "Every Heartbeat," and "Lucky One."  The praise classic "El Shaddai," and the inspirational "I Will Remember You" are also highlights. 

Third is Into the Mystic: An Instrumental Tribute to Van Morrison, which features most of his greatest hits slowed down, minus Morrison's boisterous voice.  Out of all the projects, this one has the most creative arrangements.  Fans will fall in love with the mellowed out versions of "Domino," "Gloria," and Moondance," while also enjoying "Bright Side of the Road," and "Wild Night."  And what Van Morrison tribute wouldn't be complete without his biggest smash "Brown Eyed Girl?"  None, which is why this collection also features a unique interpretation.

Finally, one of acoustic rocks greatest heroes is revered in Country Road:  An Acoustic tribute to James Taylor.  This project also is fully instrumental and it makes some of Taylor's most famous songs sound a bit more southern.  "You Can Close Your Eyes," "Me and My Guitar," and "Anywhere Like Heaven are featured. The two best songs are "Sweet Baby James" and the anthem "Fire and Rain."

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