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Mathew Twenty-Five
Artist: Seventh Day Slumber 
Label: Afinia Records 
Length: 12 tracks/46:55 minutes


Can’t judge a book by the cover, that’s what they say. I guess I’d better stop judging CDs by the cover as well. I picked up the Seventh Day Slumber, saw the four threadbare, barefoot, very young kids walking across a wooden bridge and figured it to be another kid punk band. Imagine my surprise when upon first listen mature well executed rock and roll came from the speakers.

Seventh Day Slumber is Joseph Rojas, Joshua Schwartz, Adam Witte, and Tim Parady. Joseph Rojas, guitars and vocals, wrote all but one song on the CD and a few of them are pretty autobiographical. One song called “Mama Won’t Give Up” talks about a kid’s mama that prays for her prodigal son until he comes to know that Jesus saves. Another song, “Miracle,” gives some more of the story as it talks about a cocaine overdose that ends in a miracle. The reason I know so much about Rojas’ own history is that the last cut on the CD is him speaking to the listener giving his testimony then an alter call and prayer. Of course the record covers a variety of topics, but always coming back to the power of God to save, or the loving concern of God for his children.

All together the band makes a sincere brand of Christian acoustic/electric pop rock very reminiscent of Hootie and the Blowfish. I’m impressed with the musicianship throughout the record, with nice lead guitar breaks, very good drumming, and fine rock vocals. As it turns out the CD is full of adult contemporary rock that deserves a few good spins. Seventh Day Slumber is no snore-fest.

Tony LaFianza  4/29/2000



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