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Dreams Like These
Artist: Blackhouse
Label: Blacklight
Time: 11 Tracks/71:19 min.

The quiet, mysterious sounds the listener experiences while listening to Blackhouse's release, Dreams Like These, really impacts the person to a larger degree than one would expect from such low sounds and music.  The track titles include "The Graves Are Full of Warriors," a recording with industrial-like sounds played throughout, "Attic Friends," a rather spooky track with sounds of footsteps and what appears to be things falling down stairs and "Closer," a song with chanting and a constant low note being played.  All the songs are different, and each has its own unique quality, whether it is an incessant sound or a pattern of music.

Blackhouse started in the 1980's and is considered one of the founders of the Industrial genre of music.  They have released albums on mostly non-USA labels, and so they are not as well known here as they are in other countries.  This particular release strove towards hovering on the line that is the border of our conscious and unconscious thinking.  The soft sounds and beats, when played at a low volume as the liner notes suggest, really do impact the listener in a different way than other types of music would.  

Chelsea Lewis 11/7/2000


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