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The Yellow and Black Attack is Back
Artist: Guardian
Label: M8 Records
Length: 6 tracks at 24:34 minutes

The rumor has been around for years, and it was true! Guardian has recorded all the songs on Stryper's Yellow and Black Attack as a tribute to the fathers of Christian glam metal. Whether your collection holds Guardian, Stryper, old school cool metal, or all three, this will be a welcome addition. 

The original Yellow and Black Attack is a classic, and Guardian treats it that way. The cover art work is obviously tongue in cheek, but the music is faithful, and very serious. Guardian plays it straight as the multi-tracked vocals, fast heavy metal guitar, and the pounding back beat on all six tracks from the original record are reproduced with care and enthusiasm. There are no cute covers, updated arrangements, or wild interpretations here. Fans of Stryper and Guardian will love this record for just that reason. This CD is lots of fun, and a cool addition to the legacy of both respected bands.

Tony LaFianza 7/1/2000



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