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An Issue of Faith
Artist: Jere Jameson
Label: Jereco Productions
Time: 8 tracks/ 40:45 min.

Getting ready to review an album is usually a mix of emotions; excitement, fear of failure, a hope to not disappoint the artist or yourself for taking the time to listen and the list can go on.  It's even more so with an independent artist.  Little hype, virtually no exposure and a poor review can hurt more as they are out there on a limb with no corporate support.

Finding an indie you like is such a pleasure because the decision you make is based not on hype, not on exposure and a good review will hopefully encourage not only the artist but others to give them a chance.  Jere Jameson has done such an album.

Contemporary/pop in styling the guitar generated songs are well written with hints of jazz, blues, and some soft rock.  The guitar playing is high caliber with the suspicions of a live performance bonus jam that would totally enthrall the listener.  Jere has a very likable voice and he stays within its boundaries which adds to positive cohesiveness of this album.  Lyrically the collection of songs would be considered praise, yet are delivered in a way that's quite unique in that it isn't the forced praise so often found these days but still has the hook needed to make a quick bond with the listener.

The production quality is better than average and the whole overall feel of  the album is upbeat. He has some sound clips on his web site that warrants a trip there. Give him a try as I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Sam Hagadorn 7/24/2000



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