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Pioneers of the Intergalactic Frontier
Artist: The Silvermen
Label: Ashland Records
Time: 15 Tracks/45:06 min.
With song titles like “Dr. Solar,” “Lunar Love” and “Test #370,” the Silvermen’s newest record, Pioneers of the Intergalactic Frontier, certainly contains a space travel theme.  The cover art and lyrics are all printed in retro comic book style and the cover even boasts “A Thrilling Musical Adventure” and “Buy this record! You won’t be sorry!”  Well, the listener will not be sorry they picked up the CD.  The unique blend of swing, rockabilly, pop-rock and clips of outer-space sound-effects really give the Silvermen a sound to call their own.  The trio from Missouri consists of singer-guitarist David “Zoop” Coonce, Paul Pace Jr. on drums, and William Brown contributing vocals, bass, guitar and synth-bass.  Brown and Coonce write very space-influenced songs, with lyrics about love lost in space, the invasion of Earth, and a Dr. Solar taking out Batman and Superman.  The fun lyrics fall over the music very well, and the album’s theme just adds to the entertainment.

The album’s opening track is “Arrival,” a recording from an old astronaut movie or TV show.  The tracks after this introduction are all space related with the exception of “Infrared,” a song about God’s ability to set people on the right track and help them become whole.  These lyrics are different from the rest because of their seriousness:

Tomorrow’s Your world and I’m set free.
In the dark I was broken.
I used to spin around to watch my back.
In my dreams is where You have spoken.
You plot the course and put me right on track.
Now I’m a part of forever.
I’m not exactly sure just what that means
But part of my spirit is heaven and faith is believing in the unseen.
The Silvermen have created a signature sound style that is expressed with surprising high quality on Pioneers of the Intergalactic Frontier that will be sure to make them stand out from any other sound on Earth or beyond.

Chelsea Lewis  7/25/2000



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