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Disciple Concert @ One Festival
Reviewed by Trae Cadenhead 

After a Saturday full of softer music, by 11:00 PM I was ready to rock. Disciple's show was the last concert of One Festival and thankfully it would prove to be the best. Going in, I'd heard quite a bit of music from Disciple's CDs and knew that they were a terrific metal band. I'd also heard that they were very outspoken and evangelistic. Both of these things proved to be true.

When the band came out, the first apparent thing was that they have a lot of hair. It definitely helps the metal thing. Disciple quickly launched into their first song "10-Minute Oil Change." Within a split-second the crowd was quite active. The music was phat and crazy, definitely worthy of jumping around, moshing, and whatever other things seemed right at the time. "Big Bad Wolf" followed, showing that God has full power over the devil: "The big bad wolf can never steal out of the hand of God Almighty." Next Disciple proved their southern heritage by giving out a big "Yee ha" before blasting into the title track from their latest album _By God_. They followed it up with a couple more songs from _By God_, "God of Elijah" and "You Rock My Socks Off." Disciple then burst into "Easter Bunny," proclaiming that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny are dead, but Jesus is alive.

Everyone in the band left the stage except lead singer/bass player Kevin Young who brought out his Bible and talked about Mary and Martha. He shared that many times lately he had been like Mary, doing everything right and working hard for God, but God wants us to just spend time with Him. It was a compelling message. The band came back out and began to play softly as Young led an invitation. At least ten people came forward. Disciple then led in worship as we sang "Agnus Dei," totally free to worship God. It was an incredible feeling. "You Are Holy" was another great worship song, totally metal, yet totally worshipful. By this point everyone in the tent had been pretty much blown away by what God was doing. In celebration, Disciple played the old song "Don't Worry, Be Happy," a souped up version, of course, then regretfully announced that there was only time for two more songs. It didn't matter. We had already gotten more than expected. Yet the band played two of their most successful songs: "My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy" and "I Just Know." The evening's events closed One Festival with an attitude of thankfulness, worship and praise of God.

Set List:
10-Minute Oil Change
Big Bad Wolf
By God
God Of Elijah
You Rock My Socks Off
Easter Bunny
Agnus Dei
You Are Holy
Don't Worry, Be Happy
My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy
I Just Know

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