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P.O.D. @ One Festival
June 14, 2001
Reviewed by Trae Cadenhead 

There were many big concerts at One festival, but without a doubt the biggest show was on Friday night with P.O.D. on the main stage. A huge audience anxiously awaited the most successful Christian band of the past decade with utmost anticipation. Finally, some people from 94.1 the Buzz (a secular rock radio station in Memphis) came out and introduced P.O.D. to the excited crowd. A soundtrack started playing as I looked up and saw the enormous P.O.D. backdrop which had replaced the One Festival banner. This was going to be good. The introductory soundtrack ran three or four minutes too long with no apparent purpose but then it happened. P.O.D. hit the stage and began playing "Outkast." Frontman Sonny was already crowd surfing while he rapped before a minute of the set had passed. He is a brave guy. The band tore it up and the crowd was going nuts. I was in the place where the heaviest moshing was occurring and before long, there was crowd surfing going, and plenty of it. After "Outkast" finished and the band got a swig of water, it was back to the music as they began playing "School Of Hard Knocks" they played super tight. As the evening wore on we heard many songs from The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown including "Lie Down," "Tribal," "Set Your Eyes To Zion," "Hollywood," and "Southtown." The band also played a few very cool songs from the new album due out this August. One of the enjoyable ones was more hard rock fare than rapcore with a fair amount of singing. The new album should be awesome.

After about ten songs, Sonny hushed the crowd for about five minutes to announce that a boy had been hurt in the frenzy. We waited to see what would happen. Sonny prayed for the boy and he also sang happy birthday to someone in the audience. Eventually, we found out that the boy was all right. Glad to hear the good news, the band proceeded into the mega-hit "Rock The Party (Off The Hook)" then left the stage. The crowd loudly chanted encore and we got one. The band returned and launched into the U2 song "Bullet the Blue Sky."

The concert was so awesome. I definitely did my share of moshing. However, I didn't try any crowd surfing since I've never thought of that as a safe thing. I'm guessing the boy who was injured probably won't be crowd surfing much anymore either. P.O.D. put on an incredible show, full of energy. I think everyone in the crowd was pleased for the chance to see such a huge crowd play right in front of them, shining their bright lights in a dark world.

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