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Violet Burning @ One Festival
June 14, 201
Reviewed by Trae Cadenhead 

When I heard a few months ago that the Violet Burning would be coming to One Festival, I knew I needed to get into their music so I would enjoy their live show. I had heard good things about the band before, so I got the albums Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic and I Am a Stranger in this Place. I quickly fell in love with the music of the Violet Burning. I spent the next few months looking forward in anticipation to their show at One Festival.

The event occurred Friday (day three) at 2 p.m., one of the first shows of the day. I arrived early and had plenty of time to settle in at a good spot. I thought it would be a sit down and chill out kind of show. I was quickly proven wrong as the band came on stage and frontman Michael Pritzl asked that everyone come up to the front because this was a rock show.

The band played an incredibly tight set, much better than I even expected. I was surprised when they came out dressed gothic since that's not at all the image I got from listening to their CDs but after awhile, it seemed pretty cool. The opening song was "Ilaria" from Demonstrates. The song was much more energetic live than on the recording, the start of a fantastic show. The well-placed guitar leads combined with the strong drumming of rock and roll veteran Chuck Cummings were a perfect conglomeration. The majority of early songs in the set were from Demonstrates such as "Moon Radio," "Berlin Kitty," and "Oceana." They also pulled out a couple new songs from their brand new disc Faith And Devotions of a Satellite Heart. "Beautiful" is a particularly strong rock song. The classic "Low" sounded much better live than on CD, so full of passion and energy that it really stood out as one of the best of the show. People were shouting "Seamonster", another favorite tune. Michael Pritzl heard the clamor and acknowledged that it was "a beautiful song", but they didn't have time to play it. Regretfully, he announced that the following song would be their last. The sweet and smooth "Gorgeous" was a nice way to end an incredible show that I will remember for a long time to come.

Set List:
Moon Radio
Berlin Kitty
Nobody Else

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