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The Making of Annie's Apology
An interview with Matthew Scott
By Jessica Heikoop

When most people think of Christian music they tend to think of boring, preachy songs. But with the introduction of alternative Christian rock, the Christian music industry has proved otherwise.

From his home in Michigan, Matthew Scott of Annie's Apology shares his ideas of Christian music, and tells all about his band. He says, "If your music, message and heart glorifies God, then you are a Christian band." Annie's Apology is just that. Their music is not preachy, yet the message is strong and deep.

Scott gained his interest in music when he was only 6 years old, when his parents started him in piano. His other instruments include guitar and drums. In May of last year, Scott got the idea for Annie's Apology, which he talked about with drummer Brandon Bronkhorst. Though the idea came earlier, he feels the band actually developed in early August of last year. The band consisted of the two, plus a temporary bass player when they recorded their self-titled demo.

Scott is a graduate of Hope College with a BA in Creative Writing and English. His other real love is writing, so naturally he writes all songs for the band. He says he doesn't like bands who don't write their own lyrics or music, simply because it's not real. "I think it's very important to keep the lyrics as real as possible," he continues, "Writing is my way of expressing myself." The lyrics are more like poetry compared to most other lyrics you hear. They are very personal, and very real. You can really connect to the music and that connection means a lot to him. He explains that after a show when he talks to one person, or a group and they tell him something specific from the show or something he said or played that really meant something to them, that is the most rewarding thing for him.

Though he is so talented in his writing, he says he is focusing more on music at the moment. With a full-length album in the works, it's a good thing he is. If things go as planned, Annie's Apology is about to hit the recording studio in New York, with producer Jesse Sprinkle (former member of Poor Old Lu, and current member of The World Inside), someone Scott is very excited to be working with. They will record over a two-week session, where Scott hopes to do more with the music that he was able to on the previous recording. He hopes to put in some extra guitar and also play the lead parts. They are currently looking for a bass player for the album. Scott says while they have been talking to someone else, they may end up using the same person as in the demo. He explains that the sound for this album will be more like "Annie's Song" from their demo; clearer vocals with a bit of an edge, something we can all look forward to.

Another part of the band, of course, is, playing live shows. Scott says they play two or three shows a week but would like to get up to four or five so that it will be their official work. They play mostly in coffeehouses, clubs and churches. Though they play so much and love it, he says it's still very difficult. People tend to not want to come out to shows when you're a Christian band because they think they'd have a better time at a secular music concert. This can be very disappointing for the band but with the new album, and a bit more recognition, Annie's Apology have the potential to become a greater band than they already are.

Look out for the new album, as well as their demo. For more information go to their web site at

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