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Interviewed by Jessica Heikoop 

If you're a Christian worship music fan, it's nearly impossible that you haven't heard the name Delirious? Their music is one of the largest influences for other artists and listeners alike. With albums full of 'God songs,' sharing the message and speaking clearly through their talent and love for Christ, they've become one of the best-known artists in the Christian scene, and now they are making their name in the secular. With their current tour with mainstream artists Bon Jovi and Matchbox 20 they've been playing sold out shows as well as being welcomed on mainstream TV music stations. I had a chance to ask the band some questions via e-mail to talk about some of this, and here's what they had to say.

Heikoop: With the new single/album, do you feel you've progressed with your music? If so, how?

Delirious?: Yes, we have learnt a crafting to our work. We actually brought in a producer on this project as there is only so much you can do on your own.

Heikoop: Do you find it easier as you go on in your careers to release new work? Or do you feel it more of a task to try and top previous albums?

Delirious?: I don't think we have ever felt that we just have to record songs that come, we write many tunes that don't make our albums, and we select what is best for a particular record.

Heikoop: How has the recognition and hype of the new single been handled by the band?

Delirious?: Our last single didn't receive as much recognition as the last one, but it won't deter us from doing what we have set out to do.

Heikoop: With the Matchbox 20/Bon Jovi tour, are the crowd's reactions any different when playing with secular bands? Are there any intimate feelings lost?

Delirious?: No it wasn't too different at all, just that at this moment in time most aren't so familiar with our songs as a Christian audience.

Heikoop What are some of the highlights of the tour so far?

Delirious?: Hanging out with Matchbox 20 and getting a police escort to Milton Keynes Bowl.

Heikoop: What's your favorite part of playing live?

Delirious?: The whole experience - It is amazing.

Heikoop: Will you tour further with the release of the new album? If so, where (will you come to Canada?), and do you have any ideas with whom?

Delirious?: Good question, probably Spring 2002, check out our web site for details.

Heikoop: Do you feel you have broken walls between secular and Christian music?

Delirious?: It has been a long journey and we would like to feel that we have jumped the wall, but it is a process.

Heikoop: If so, how do you feel you've done that?

Delirious?: By jumping the wall and hanging in there even when it gets tough.

Heikoop: Why do you think it's taken people so long to recognize the talent in Christian bands?

Delirious?: Because most Christian bands are not playing stuff in the mainstream so don't get recognized.

Heikoop: Will you ever slide more into the secular scene or will you stick to the roots of the Christian music?

Delirious?: We will probably always do both.

Heikoop: Do you think Christian bands have it harder than secular bands? Why, or why not?

Delirious?: No - You just have to keep persevering.

Heikoop: Is it hard to keep your integrity in Christian music? Why, or why not?

Delirious?: We always seek to maintain our integrity by keeping a good relationship with God.

Heikoop: What's the writing process like for the band?

Delirious?: Martin and Stu G write down lines/words/phrases and record tunes on an on-going basis and then work together with all their ideas to come up with the final songs. It is a crafting process.

Heikoop: Who are some of your influences?

Delirious?: Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, Jeff Buckley, Sting

Heikoop: Do you ever find it difficult writing and performing such personal songs?

Delirious?: No because they come out of our life and anything we didn't want to talk about we wouldn't write about.

Heikoop: What do you think is the band's greatest accomplishment so far?

Delirious?: Playing with Bon Jovi, still being together after 9 years and moving towards the same goal, remaining good friends.

Heikoop: What would you still like to aim for in your careers?

Delirious?: Hearing God songs on the radio.

Heikoop: Where do you think the future of Delirious? is heading?

Delirious?: Different countries, and to make a greater impression with those in the church and outside.

Check out their web site at WWW.DELIRIOUS.CO.UK for more info on their new
album, tour dates, and much more!


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