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Energy and Enthusiasm Launch Jump 5 to Top of the Pop World
by Andy Argyrakis 

Teen pop is not a style that everyone can easily get into. Its fast paced dance sequences and catchy, but briskly-sang lyrics are a bit too much for conservative music lovers while such sugary sounds are way too sweet for a rock and roll fan to digest. Whether you're a fan or not of the glossy pop genre, one new group on Sparrow Records is doing things better than just about anyone in the business. 

Enter Jump 5, a mixed bag of two boys and three girls that came together after an open casting call. Brother and sister duo Brandon and Brittany Hargest, Lesley Moore, Libby Hodges, and Chris Fedun have been refining their young voices and dance routines for the last year before launching into the national spotlight with the release of their self-titled debut. The project boasts ten fun-filled tracks that are destined to stick in one's head, while the message steers away from the temptations that the mainstream pop world often slips into the minds of young people. 

The fact that the members of Jump 5 are between the ages of 12-15 makes them an instant influence over their peer group, whose main musical choices often include the likes of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. "We think we are doing a unique thing with this group," says Libby. "Most of the groups out now are older or are made up of all girls or all boys. There's not many that are younger and just mixed like we are."

Perhaps breaking the mold by just a fraction in the pop world has led the group to some major league touring, including an opening spot on this summer's Radio Disney dates, which also features secular stars Aaron Carter and the A-Teens. "Actually, we didn't know about the tour at first," recalls Libby. "We were on stage before another concert and they announced it to the crowd without us knowing. It had been confirmed about five minutes before and we were freaking out when they announced it."

Thus far the group has made waves on the tour in major markets across the nation, offering not only a teen friendly sound, but also a cheerful offstage persona. The group loves to go out and meet people after performances and is able to use their platform on stage to share a bit of their Christian faith. "We like to tell people to just be themselves," says Brandon. "We want them to be real and not act like something they're not. Be the person who God made you to be."

The group seems to have taken their own advice when it comes to staying true to their personalities. In fact, they've kept their individual qualities and found those traits to keep the group chemistry a lot more interesting. "We are totally different and all have different personalities, but that's what make's it so fun," admits Leslie. "We all have something to give to the group and wind up taking something away from each other. I'd say it's easier to get along since we all have different personalities." 

But the youngsters look past their own relationships within the scope of the group and keep their focus on their higher calling, with the help of dedicated parents and friends. Although there's the pressure to get a big head in any facet of the entertainment industry, these kids were raised with better intentions and know that fame on earth is far from the be all and end all of the kingdom. Brittany adds, "It's important to live as a Christian and not be ashamed of it no matter where you're at." 


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