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Carolina Moon
Artist: Glenn Kaiser Band
Label: Grrr Records
Tracks: 12/49:18

With a name like Carolina Moon I expected another blues album from Glenn Kaiser, but that's not what I got. This is not a blues album, although there are hints of the blues throughout it. Neither is this an album of Southern-fried rock n roll though there are feelings of that genre here also. Now that I have said what this album is not, let me say what it is. This is one hot screaming rock album and very possibly the best one that Glenn has ever done. From beginning to end we are treated to a power trio project in the best sense of the term. Here we see glimpses of ZZ Top, Cream, and other non-trio groups such as John Mayall's Blues Breakers, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, or Savoy Brown.

I first heard of Glenn back in the days when I worked at WHME in South Bend, IN. and we received a copy of "Awaiting Your Reply" by The Resurrection Band. I put the record on the turntable cranked up the volume and almost gave the station manager a heart attack. Throughout the years he has always stayed true to his rock roots with an occasional side excursion into the blues. The band is absolutely fantastic, Glenn's guitar pyrotechnics, which by the way have never been better, are awesome. His singing is as always powerful and heartfelt. The bass playing by Roy Montroy is both fluid in the right spots and aggressively chunky in others. Ed Bialanch is a first rate rock and blues drummer and
compliments the other two players perfectly.

Just a word of warning, you might want to have a fire extinguisher handy near your cd player when you put this puppy in. It is red hot and cookin'!!!

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 5/26/2001

Glenn Kaiser is one of the most talented musicians in the Christian music regime. He's penned great lyrics, treated listeners to some outstanding soloing, and held his rank as a vocalist and harmonica player. Teamed up with former Rez buddy Roy Montroy and Ed Bialach, in 2000 Kaiser released Winter Sun, a fantastic recording of hard-edged blues rock. Following that up, Carolina Moon promises to develop on the trio's debut. Too bad some promises aren't lived up to.

There's nothing wrong individually with these songs. The primary flaw on Carolina Moon is a painful lack of variety. Each of the first six tracks are based around thickly distorted power chord rhythms. As useful a tool as distortion may be, its monotonous monotone is rather tiring to listen to for long periods of time. 'Country Mile' stands apart as the only song that doesn't use distortion.

Taken on their own, these songs are not bad. In fact, most are quite good. Kaiser's talent as a guitar soloist shines through. His songwriting skills continue to grow. Hopefully, next time he and

Eric Daams 7/15/2001

Following up last year's sizzling debut, Winter Sun, blues-rock trio Glenn Kaiser Band takes it up another notch with Carolina Moon. Glenn Kaiser, former frontman for pioneer Jesus-rock troupe Resurrection Band has created another vehicle for his unique brand of street-level, gutsy rock and real-life lyrics. The trio is completed with drummer Ed Bialach and bassist Roy Montroy who lay a rock-solid foundation for Kaiser's wailing guitar and harmonica. Carolina Moon picks up where Winter Sun left off and gives insight into the hardness of life and the redeeming power of Jesus in the midst of it all. 

Kaiser wrote all the lyrics on the album, but this time he shares music writing credit with Montroy, who wrote six of the twelve songs. "Carolina Moon" is one such shared tune, and is the one that will haunt you long after the disc is done. Other tunes that are memorable include "Mercy," also by Montroy and Kaiser, and the instrumental jam session "Grinder."  GKB fills a niche in the Christian music spectrum that no other band does.  With these veteran musicians and their raw sound at full blast, it satisfies fans of REZ as well as fans of the blues. Rock fans won't be unhappy either. Similar bluesy songsters would be Kenny Wayne Shepherd or B.B. King, if he cranked up the volume and distortion. Kaiser's gravelly vocals and impassioned delivery on guitar make for a moving experience, yet all the while there is a message of hope intertwined with the pain. 

Glenn Kaiser Band's Carolina Moon is a welcome addition to the night sky. 

Zik Jackson 
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Blistering blues pulsing through the heart of hard rock. The Glenn Kaiser Band delivers with more zippity zest than was hinted at in their former album Winter Sun, even on the crowd-pleasers like their cover of "Nobody's Fault But Mine."  Not just for fans of Kaiser's solo Blues work, Carolina Moon will please Resurrection Band fans looking for beefy chops, high-powered percussion and passionate, orotund vocals.  Among the most consistent and accomplished albums of Kaiser's recording career, Carolina Moon is obligatory listening for the School of Heavenly Hard Knocks. 

Steven S. Baldwin 8/29/2001 

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