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July and August 2002: How do they look?

It’s that time again! As you know by now every other month we take a look at upcoming releases in the Christian Music Industry, and this time around we will take a peek at July and August. As usual I will list some of the bigger releases in these months, then following that I will have a list of currently untitled albums that are slated for release in either one of the two months. Since they are currently untitled they will most likely get pushed back, but I feel they should still be mentioned in case of the small chance a title will be announced and it will in fact release on the specific date.
These are the current dates as of June 28th, 2002 and they are subject to change.

July 2002

July 2nd, 2002:

1. 38th Parallel – Turn The Tides
    Squint Entertainment
Originally scheduled for an April 23rd, 2002 release date 38th Parallel’s hard rock debut album “Turn The Tides” is now hitting store shelves in July. If you are a fan of bands like Pax217 or secular act Linkin Park, then consider checking this album out.

2. The Benjamin Gate – Contact
    ForeFront Records
The Benjamin Gate’s sophomore release, Contact, is here. Fans of the debut album can expect to love this one.

3. Left Behind Worship: God With Us (Various Artists)
    ForeFront Records
With ten worship songs, four new recordings, and two original songs, this Modern Worship album will be released simultaneously with the new book in the Left Behind series: The Remnant

4. Buck Enterprises – Live Worship
    Galaxy 21 Music
Originally known as “Buck” Buck Enterprises is here to release something a little different. Come July 2nd they will be releasing a live worship album! If you liked some of their past music, you will no doubt like this album. 

July 16th, 2002:

5. Mary Mary – Incredible 
    Word Records
It’s been pushed back a couple of times, it has had a name change, but now it is finally here with a date that is sticking! Mary Mary’s latest album, Incredible, will be hitting store shelves on July 16th with its 14 tracks (not including the bonus track at the end). R&B fans…keep an eye on this one.

6. Lincoln Brewster – Amazed
    Vertical Music
From the upbeat songs to the ballads, if you are a fan of Modern Worship music, Lincoln Brewster’s new album is one you should definitely check out!

7. Kutless – Self Titled
    BEC Recordings
Formed in 1999, Kutless is set and ready to release their debut album on BEC Recordings. If you like rock music or secular artists like Creed, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, and Incubus, then this album is one you must check out.

July 23rd, 2002:

8. Trin-i-tee 5:7 – The Kiss
    B-Rite Records
While Trin-i-tee 5:7’s latest album “The Kiss” has been pushed back from its original release date, it is safe to assume it will now be here late July. You can expect to like this album if you like previous recordings of theirs.

July 30th, 2002:

9. Andy Hunter – Exodus
    Sparrow Records
Hopefully this will be the last time Sparrow Records’ Andy Hunter will be pushed back as quite a lot of people are looking forward to his debut release. 
This techno artist will give you a whole new spin on Worship music! So if you like techno, check this guy out!

10. Big Daddy Weave – One and Only
      Fervent Records
Another album everyone is talking about would be Big Daddy Weave’s pop/rock sound debut release, One and Only. If you like artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, FFH, or secular act Dave Matthews Band, then consider checking these guys out, you may find it worth your time.

11. Jody McBrayer – This Is Who I Am
      Sparrow Records
If you are familiar with the group “Avalon” you will know who Jody McBrayer is right away, he is one of the four members of the AC group I just mentioned. But now he is releasing a solo album on Sparrow Records! This is one you should definitely check out even if you aren’t a big fan of Avalon as this album sounds quite different.

August 2002

August 8th, 2002:

1. L.A. Symphony – Call It What You Want
    Squint Entertainment
Some of you may have heard of L.A. Symphony, one of the releases from Squint Entertainment that has been pushed back at least once. This hip-hop group is now planning on releasing their latest come August 6th, 2002. If you like hip-hop music then consider checking this one out.

August 13th, 2002:

2. Grits – The Art of Translation
    Gotee Records
It has now been a few years since we have heard new music from Grits with the album “Grammatical Revolution.” But I’ve got good news for you! Grits is now back with a brand spanking new album titled “The Art of Translation.” If you dig their previous albums or hip-hop music in general, I would highly recommend checking this album out; it already sounds like a winner.

3. Jump5 – All The Time In The World
    Sparrow Records
It has been one year since their debut album, but now Jump5 is back with their second release “All The Time In The World.” After listening to a couple of tracks, it already sounds like it is better then the first (with more computer work on the album). Sure this album may not be for everyone, but if you are into pop music then at least consider checking the album out…you may surprise yourself.

August 20th, 2002:

4. Point of Grace - Girls of Grace
    Word Records
Here is an interesting album put out by Word, it is Point of Grace’s album but they only have three tracks on it. Other female singers like Joy Williams, FFH’s Jennifer Deibler, Rachael Lampa, Nichole Nordeman, and more do the rest of the worship tracks. 

5. Delirious – Audio Lessonover
    Sparrow Records
After many delays the current release date for Delirious’ new album “Audio Lessonover” is August 20th, 2002. However there is talk that this one won’t even release in North America now, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it on store shelves come August.

6. Daily Planet – Hero
    Reunion Records
Here is the latest addition to the Reunion Records family, Daily Planet. This rock album is definitely one for everyone to check out with its catchy tunes and rich vocals.

7. True Vibe – See The Light
    Essential Records
Here it is folks, one of the most anticipated album of the year! It is True Vibe’s sophomore release “See The Light.” If you liked their debut album, Plus One, secular acts N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, or pop music in general, then check this album out!

August 27th, 2002:

8. Bleach – Again, For The First Time
    BEC Recordings
It has been a number of years since new Bleach music has entered our homes, but the wait is almost over. Bleach will be releasing their latest album full of songs their fans will love! 

9. Riley Armstrong – Whatever The Weather
    Flicker Records
It has been over two years since our Canadian friend with dreadlocks debuted into the Christian Music scene. But now he’s back and ready to go with his next album titled “Whatever The Weather.”

10. By The Tree – These Days
      Fervent Records
Come the end of August these guys would have released two albums in less than one year! Pretty good for a new band wouldn’t you agree? If you like rock music then consider checking these guys out…both albums.

Currently Untitled Albums (Dates May Change):

Gospel Gangstaz – July 27th, 2002
Burlap To Cashmere – August 6th, 2002
Travail – August 20th, 2002
Wayne Watson – August 27th, 2002

Josh’s Top Picks Of May And June 2002 (in alphabetical order):

Daily Planet – Hero
Delirious – Audio Lessonover
Grits – The Art Of Translation
Jump5 – All The Time In The World
Kutless – Self Titled
True Vibe – See The Light


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