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March and April 2002: How do they look?

Well last time we took a look at January and February 2002. Now we are back for a second time around, and we are taking a look at two more big months for Christian Music fans, March and April. Again, these aren’t all of the albums releasing in March and April. I’m just covering the better known releases, keeping it short but sweet. as of February 22, 2002. They are subject to change without notice.

March 5, 2002:

1. Jars Of Clay The Eleventh Hour
    Essential Records
With The Eleventh Hour releasing on March 5th, Jars of Clay will be going back to the sound of their first two albums (as opposed to the more contemporary sound in If I Left The Zoo). Jars fans and newcomers will no doubt enjoy this 11-track album.

2. Rachael Lampa  Kaleidoscope
    Word Records
Nominated for four Dove Awards in 2001, seventeen year old Rachael Lampa is releasing her sophomore album, Kaleidoscope, come March, no doubt as good [if not then better] than her debut self-titled album. 

3. Nichole Nordeman (Currently Untitled)
    Sparrow Records
It’s been almost two years since her last album, and you can count on this as being another winner for Nichole Nordeman fans.

March 12, 2002

4. Brother’s Keeper  Cover Me
    Ardent Records
One of the best releases of March and April. Brother’s Keeper is back, with an amazing must have for any pop fan. An eleven track album that has something for everyone; rock, ballads, and even some rap on one track.

5. Ill Harmonics  Take Two (Note: This album may get pushed back to March 26)
    Uprok Records
Any fan of John Reuben, Mars ILL, and the first Ill Harmonics will love this album. With catchy hard rock/rap and acoustic tracks, a live song with Earthsuit, guest guitar from Marcos of P.O.D., and a hilarious music video for the title track, Take Two will be a winner for all hip-hop and rap fans.

March 26, 2002

6. Avalon  02 Avalon Remixed
    Sparrow Records
Avalon is doing something new on the Christian music scene. They are releasing an album of catchy, upbeat remixes of their number one hits. There are a few guest singers/groups on the album, including Andy Hunter, Out Of Eden, Stacie Orrico, and ZOEgirl.

7. Jeff Deyo  Saturate
    Gotee Records
Jeff Deyo, former lead singer of SonicFlood, has brought the SonicFlood sound to his highly anticipated album of 16 tracks (plus a hidden one) full of popular praise & worship songs with a modern edge. Also on the album are guest vocals by Rebecca St. James and tobyMac.

8. Geoff Moore  A Beautiful Sound
    ForeFront Records
Geoff Moore’s second solo album features that gravely voice his fans think makes such a beautiful sound. A thoughtful mix of introspective ballads and meaningful worship, you can count on Geoff doing another great album!

9. Newsboys  Thrive
    Sparrow Records
Finally! A new Newsboys album that isn’t disco or a greatest hits. Steve Taylor returns to produce Thrive and co-write a few songs. In 10 amazing tracks, the Newsboys have done it once again with their best album to date. This is no doubt one of the best releases of the month, if not then the year.

10. The O.C. Supertones  Supertones Live! (Vol. 1)
      BEC Recordings
Ever been to a Supertones concert? No? Yes? Supertones Live! captures 13 of their best songs, plus 4 worship songs, all recorded live. Whether you are just getting acquainted or reliving a past concert experience, this is another must have album.

April 2002

April 2, 2002

1. Phil Joel (Currently Untitled)
    InPop Records
Newsboys’ bass player Phil Joel furthers his solo career with another solo album.

2. Kung Pao Fugitives (Currently Untitled)
    ForeFront Records
These guys haven’t really been talked about much, but Kung Pao’s Jamie Rowe is no stranger to the Christian music industry. He was a leading member of Guardian, has a song on the albums Prayer of Jabez and Extreme Days, done background vocals on albums of bands like Petra and Raze, written many songs for others including tobyMac. Not much is known about Kung Pao Fugitives, but Rowe’s background makes it interesting to see how it turns out, especially with a name like Kung Pao Fugitives.

3. Luna Halo (Currently Untitled)
    Sparrow Records
Come April, Luna Halo, will be releasing their follow-up album. 

4. Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb  Beautiful
    Holy Roller [Records?]
The next album in the Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb series, Beautiful, like the debut album, is full of Gospel goodness. With 9 tracks, this album will get fans of the first album back for some more, as well as bring some new fans who like Gospel music.

April 23, 2002

5. All Together Separate  Unusual
    Ardent Records
The third release from All Together Separate is due out this April. 

6. God of Wonders (Various Artists)
    Essential Records
Much like Essential Records other worship series, City On A Hill, this new worship album will have some top artists including Third Day, Michael W. Smith, Caedmon's Call, Sarah Sadler, and more. 13 contemporary renditions of popular worship songs include "All in All," "Your Love Oh Lord," "He Is Exalted, " We Sing Alleluia," and the title track.

7. Bob Smiley  I’ve Got A Funny Feeling About This
    InPop Records
Christian comedian Bob Smiley has recently been signed to InPop Records. The album was taped before a live audience. As Smiley puts it “Inpop Records is working on the album cover and correcting my spelling mistakes on the ‘thank you's’ and will be releasing it on April 23rd. You can buy it in Christian bookstores and in Walmart...and then probably in Goodwill the next week. Hope you guys like it.” 

8. 38th  Parallel  Turn the Tides
    Squint Entertainment
At the end of 2001, Squint Records signed a hard rock band called 38th Parallel. They sound along the lines of Thousand Foot Krutch, kind of a hard rock/rap group. The debut album from this group is a definite one to watch as it sounds like a good one!

Josh’s top picks of March and April 2002 (in alphabetical order):

Brother’s Keeper Cover Me
Jars Of Clay  The Eleventh Hour
Jeff Deyo  Saturate
Newsboys  Thrive
Rachael Lampa  Kaleidoscope
The O.C. Supertones  Supertones Live! (Vol. 1)


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