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May and June 2002: How do they look?

As some of you may have noticed, a lot of albums got pushed back since the last time I've talked to you--mostly the ones that are currently untitled. So what I'll do is list some of the bigger releases of May and June 2002 (in no specific order, other than date), then at the bottom I will list the currently untitled albums that are scheduled for release in these two months. Again, these are the current dates as of April 23rd, 2002. They are subject to change.

May 2002

May 5th, 2002:

Gryp - Self-Titled
W Recordings
With eleven tracks and one strange cover, hard rock/core band Gryp is releasing their debut album in early May. Recommended only to fans of hard music.

May 7th, 2002:

The Blamed - Give Us Barrabbas
Tooth & Nail Records
Punk-rock band, The Blamed, is back on Tooth & Nail! With 13 tracks, this album should interest most punk fans out there.

May 18th, 2002:

Sixpence None the Richer - Divine Discontent
Squint Entertainment
It's finally here! The highly anticipated release from Sixpence None the Richer! If you enjoyed their music in the past, you should definitely enjoy this one.

May 21st, 2002:

Amy Grant - Legacy - Hymns and Faith
Word Records
Amy Grant fans get ready! Because on May 21st, Amy will be releasing an album full of her favorite hymns! If you like her previous work, or just enjoy listening to hymns, this is an album to check out.

Pax217 - Engage
ForeFront Records
It has been over two years since the debut album was released, but now ForeFront Record's Pax217 are finally back! Their 12-track sophomore release, Engage, is one worth checking out when it hits store shelves May 21st.

Pillar - Fireproof
Flicker Records
Dove Award winning rock/hardcore band Pillar is releasing their second album, Fireproof, on May 21st! With two #2 rock singles and a #1 single (Open Your Eyes) from their debut album, the success will no doubt continue on this 11-track release.

John Reuben - Hindsight
Gotee Records
Here it is! One of the best albums you will hear! John Reuben?s highly anticipated sophomore album expresses both of John?s sense of humor and seriousness. This album is clearly a must have!

Ronnie Freeman - Self-Titled
Rocketown Records
Hand-picked by Michael W. Smith, Ronnie Freeman is Rocketown's newest artist. Writing (or co-writing) all of the songs, Ronnie and his album is debuting May 21st and will no doubt be enjoyed by fans of the Contemporary genre.

Andy Hunter - Exodus
Sparrow Records
Here is yet another anticipated release, only this time coming from Sparrow's Andy Hunter. This Techno artist will give you a whole new spin on Worship music! If you like techno music, check this guy out!

Paul Colman Trio - New Map of the World
Essential Records
Hailing from Australia, the Paul Colman Trio has moved over to the United States and are ready to release their label debut. This twelve-track rock album is good for rock fans!

Bob Carlisle - The Best Of Bob Carlisle: Butterfly Kisses & Other Stories
Diadem Records
While Bob Carlisle fans won't be getting a brand new album, they will be getting the next best thing, a greatest hits album! A must have for any fan of his music!

MxPx - Ten Years And Running
Tooth And Nail Records
Come May 21st, MxPx will release an album containing nearly 20 tracks of their finest material, including 2 brand new songs and a re-recording of their hit song "Punk Rock Show."

June 2002

June 4th, 2002:

Mary Mary - Incredible
Word Records
Originally scheduled for a February release, Mary Mary's latest album Incredible (formally called Happy) is now slated for a June 4th release date. Those who liked the debut album of Mary Mary will no doubt enjoy this one too.

Salvador - Into Motion
Word Records
The Latin group Salvador is ready to release their second album in June! The follow-up to their self-titled release will keep previous Salvador fans happy while possibly bring some new fans into the scene! Remember to check out this eleven-track album, titled Into Motion, when it hits store shelves on June 4th!

Delirious? - Audio Lessonover?
Sparrow Records
Originally scheduled for February 26th, but now pushed back to June 4th, Audio Lessonover? is Delirious?? latest release. While it is unknown why it got pushed back, considering it was already completed and released in the UK at the end of last year, this album is pleasing to the ears. Any Delirious? fan must pick this one up, no questions asked.

Shane Barnard - Psalms
InPop Records
Any fan of Modern Worship should consider checking out Shane Barnard's album. Some may find it pleasing, but some may prefer other Modern Worship artists, as it is a tad on the slower side.

Dead Poetic - Four Wall Blackmail
Tooth & Nail Records
Here is yet another hard rock/core group from Tooth & Nail. If you like that genre of music, consider checking these guys out, some may enjoy them.

Side Walk Slam - Give Back
Tooth & Nail Records
Tooth & Nail Records sure have been busy the last little while, haven?t they? Now here comes release from Tooth & Nail?s punk band called Side Walk Slam. They aren?t as good as most other punk bands out there, but some may like them.

June 18th, 2002:

The Katinas - Lifestyle: A Worship Experience
Gotee Records
The Katinas are back with their latest release, Lifestyle: A Worship Experience! Not much is known about this album yet, but you can expect to enjoy it if you are a Katinas fan!

Ace Troubleshooter - The Madness of the Crowds
Tooth & Nail Records
Here comes Ace Troubleshooter once again! If you heard their previous work, or saw them on tour with Relient K, you?ll know what they sound like. And if you enjoyed the music from then, you?ll like it from this album as well.

Currently Untitled Albums (Dates May Change):

Steve Wiggins - May 7th, 2002
Souljaz - June 4th, 2002
Earthsuit - June 4th, 2002
Alli Rogers - June 4th, 2002
Lincoln Brewster - June 4th, 2002
Dorinda Clock-Cole - June 11th, 2002
Trin-i-tee 5:7 - June 25th, 2002

Josh's Top Picks Of May And June 2002 (in alphabetical order):

John Reuben - Hindsight
Pillar - Fireproof
Salvador - Into Motion

Josh McConnell 4/28/2002


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