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November and December 2002: How Do They Look?

Well, we started it up with January and are now ending with December. That’s right, this will be the final edition of the “How Do They Look?” series of the year, time sure flies doesn’t it? We laughed, we cried…well, okay, maybe we weren’t emotional. But I hope you still enjoyed yourself nonetheless.

We had a massive two months last time, but that doesn’t mean the final months of 2002 are going to consist of just small releases. In the final stretch of the year we’ve still got some great stuff coming. Sure, there aren’t near as many, but they are still going to be enjoyable. 

Like usual, I have listed below some of the biggest releases within the November and December timeframe, but remember the dates are subject to change.

November 2002

November 5th, 2002:

1. Janna Long - Janna
    Sparrow Records
First we had Jody McBrayer, and now Janna Long (another fourth of the AC group Avalon) is releasing a solo album as well come November 5th. Not only is it supposed to showcase genres such as Urban, Pop, and Gospel, but you can also except guest appearances by artists such as Nichole C. Mullen and Janna’s husband Greg Long.

November 19th, 2002:

2. Keith Green – The Ultimate Collection
    Sparrow Records
It’s been just over 20 years since the death of Christian Music legend Keith Green, but his music and ministry lives on. Sparrow Records proves this as they release “The Ultimate Collection,” featuring 15 classic Keith Green tracks.

3. T-Bone – Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic
    Flicker Records
T-Bone is back in the house, and yes, that’s the actual title for the album. Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic (bet you can’t say that three times fast!) showcases ten brand new tracks with the rap/hip-hop sound we have come to know and love from him.

4. All Star United – Revolution
    Furious? Records
Their first new album in over 4 years is almost here. All Star United’s Revolution brings fans of the group’s music exactly what they wanted, rock music with an ASU edge. After being pushed back numerous times, it is now official, you will find the album at your local Christian bookstore in mid-November.

5. Delirious – Touch
    Furious? Records
After many, many delays, Delirious’ UK release “Audio Lessonover” is finally coming to North America! But instead of receiving what most Delirious fans have imported by now, we’ll be getting a special 2-disc set just for the wait. One disc will feature the full UK album, while the other will showcase some live tracks not heard on previous albums. Because I actually had the honor of hearing/watching a couple of the tracks being recorded live in Toronto (such as Touch and Show Me Heaven), and hearing Audio Lessonover on a previous occasion, I can tell this is definitely an album everyone should consider checking out.

6. Petra – Still Means War!
    Warner Bros. Christian (formally Word Records)
Petra fans get ready, your favorite group is back and getting ready to launch their latest album, Still Means War! If you have enjoyed some of their more recent endeavors, then definitely check this one out when it hits store shelves November 19th, 2002.

7. Royal Ruckus – Self Titled
    Flicker Records
The debut album from one of Flicker Record’s newest groups, Royal Ruckus, is almost here.Fans of the rap genre should consider giving these guys a chance. You never know, you might enjoy them more than expected.

December 2002

December 17th, 2002:

1. dc Talk – Free At Last: 10th Anniversary Special Edition
    ForeFront Records
I’m a huge fan of dc Talk, and always will be, but I’m starting to get bored with all of these attempts at “filling the fans need” until the next full length album comes out. Fortunately, this new attempt will actually help our craving. While there is not much new with the actual CD, dc Talk will be including a Free At Last DVD (also available on VHS) with the 10th Anniversary Special Edition album. On the DVD will be a project that was shelved way back (it was filmed back on the Free At Last 1992 tour to give you an idea), the full Free At Last: The Movie starring dc Talk remastered! Without question, a must have for any form of dc Talk fan.

December 24th, 2002:

2. The Swift – Self Titled
    Flicker Records
What’s this? Another new artist from Flicker Records? They must be on a role! To be honest, I haven’t heard much about the album, so I’m not sure what to expect. But I thought I would give you the heads up anyway, for those who seem to like Flicker’s choice of artists so far.

3. A Life God Rewards (Various Artists)
    ForeFront Records 
Bruce Wilkinson, the highly controversial author, has put out another book. And sure enough, like what happened last time, when another book series of his releases someone puts out a compilation album of the same name. Once again, ForeFront is taking care of this one. While I don’t have the artist lineup in front of me, you can no doubt expect some of your favorite ForeFront Record artists on it.

4. Sanctus Real – Say It Loud
    Sparrow Records
When Sparrow Records signs a new group, you know something is up. Because of this fact, Sanctus Real is getting a lot of hype. Lets hope they live up to it when their debut album releases late December.

Currently Untitled Albums (Dates May Change):

Get Fish – December 2002

Josh’s Picks of November and December 2002 (In alphabetical order)

All Star United – Revolution
dc Talk – Free At Last: 10th Anniversary Special Edition
Delirious – Touch


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