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Stars: Lisa Lindgren, Emma Samuelsson, Michael Nyquist, Henrik Lundstrom, Gustav Hammersten, Anja Lundkvist, Jessica Liedberg, Ola Norell and Shanti Roney
Director/Writer: Lukas Moodysson
Released by IFCFilms
Running time: one hour and 36 minutes
Rating: R for sex, mature themes and nudity
Award: New Directors Showcase Award at 2001 Seattle International Film Festival

It is the middle of the 1970's and life is good in a Stockholm house that is a small commune. For people living here it means sharing rooms, food, and chores as in a college dorm. They are vegetarians with no television set and only a beat-up, flower-painted van for transportation. Who needs anything more? If you do, you are those two nasty words: a capitalist!

Things change abruptly when the downtrodden sister (Lisa Lundgren) of one of the residents, turns up with her two children, one of whom (Emma Samuelsson) is a budding teen, to escape the children's alcoholic father (Michael Nyquist).  The commune residents are torn between their lifestyle and protecting the kids from "outside influences" and the open life style there. It is when the now-on-the-wagon father makes an attempt to woo his wife again, that the little household must decide who is on whose side in this matter. Not only that, but someone brings MEAT (hotdogs) in for a meal and a TV SET for the children. What next? Capitalism?

Together explores several issues, including teen sexuality, belonging to the "right" crowd, adult sexuality and love between the same sex, plus alcoholism in a marriage. Situations are presented to the audience and a resolve is attempted in all cases, but doesn't succeed in all.

Together serves as a period piece of a sub-culture that existed around the house in the Seventies. This group may be gentle as compared to some, but they hold together and talk through their problems. Perhaps the idea of having someone to talk to no matter the time of day is a legacy of the hippie generation.

Copyright 2001Marie Asner  12/16/2001

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