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Artist: Honey 
Label: Northern Records
Time: 11 tracks / 39:49 min.

Honey’s Three is one of those all-too-rare ‘love life soundtrack’ albums. While Dashboard Confessional’s albums are soundtracks to a tortured love life, and Further Seems Forever’s album is a soundtrack to a long-distance love life, Three is a soundtrack to a wistful, longing, romantic love life. 

"Catherine Before" watches a girl "walk to work" and tries to get up the nerve to talk to her. "My Cinderella" falls into clichéd territory in the first verse, but redeems itself with a strong chorus. "Valentine" poses the dichotomy "I know you want to fall apart / I know you want to be in love" and weaves the two themes together. "Missing You" whispers "something small / a sparkle reminds me of you." And "Angel Song" boasts the best lyric on the album, as vocalist Doug Moss sings "I still see you / your eyes shine through the pouring rain / I still love you / your eyes just shine for someone else." 

One song that doesn’t directly deal with relationships is the closer, "Siesta." With its plaintive refrain of "I wish I was older," "Siesta" strikes a chord for anybody who’s ever yearned for adulthood.

Honey manages to be both alternative and hooky, which few bands can pull off. The hooks on "Ride" and "Inside" will be stuck in your head for weeks. As a matter of fact, just about every one of the eleven songs on _Three_ have an identifiable hook.

Musically, Honey creates a lush bed of guitars and soft keyboard touches. Imagine a turned-down Plankeye or an up-tempo Starflyer. Three is a woefully overlooked album that deserves to be remembered as an alt-pop classic. Recommended for anybody who’s ever been dumped or who likes good music.

John Wilson 4/5/2002



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