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Cornerstone 2003

How do you cover Cornerstone? It is seven days, 300 bands, 350 hours of seminars, an art gallery, a film festival, competitive sports, kids programs, and 22,000 interesting people, each with a story worth telling. Itís an instant, fascinating town that springs up annually in an open field. The best way to cover Cornerstone is the same way blind journalists cover elephants; they jump in with both hands and report what they experience. If those blind journalists are as knowledgeable as Tollbooth writers, not only will they recklessly jump into the story, they will also give you full coverage of all the historic highlights, no matter how abundant. So grab a lemon shake-up, dust yourself in yellow clay dirt, unfold your concert chair and follow the links below for full coverage of Cornerstone Festival 2003 by The Phantom Tollbooth.

Trae Cadenhead's Story

There were 300 bands on 12 stages over a five day span during Cornerstone Festival 2003. Trae Cadenhead reports on 71 of them  plus a film festival, the grocery store scene, and the deeper meaning of it all.
Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock
An Old Timer's Thoughts On Cornerstone
It had been eleven years since I had been to a Cornerstone Festival, I had forsaken integrity for the comfort of a soft hotel bed at the annual GMA schmooze fest in Nash Vegas. Now that the festival is over and done with I have repented for ever leaving, I will not make that mistake again.
Other Coverage 3)
For the first time since the breakup of Squint Records, Steve Taylor goes on the record. 



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