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Mueller's Musings: A Look at November 2003 Releases

Wow.  Could there possibly be any more great albums coming out this month?  In fact, just the first week alone is enough to send you to the poorhouse.  On November 4th there are many great releases.  This includes two discs from Ryan Adams and a new one from Wyclef Jean.  Also that week look for a national release from The Pale.  This is a great album!  Then there is the long delayed new release from Wheat, and of course there is the long awaited POD album (I’ve listened to the whole thing, and it is a very nice sound.), and a disc from Mark Kozelek and his side project Sun Kill Moon. And that’s just the first week of the month!  On the 11th look for new discs from the Insyderz, Matchbox Twenty, and Six Parts Seven.  Then on the 18th some former members of the Smoking Popes release a new disc under the name of Duvall.  Also on the 18th there is a live disc from Ben Harper and an EP from Pillar.  And finally, if that isn’t enough, to wrap the month up on the 25th, Wilco’s John Stirrat releases a disc under the name of The Autumn Defense, and there is also a new disc from Audioslave.  Enjoy the tunes!

Ryan Adams – Love is Hell, Part 1 (EP)
Ryan Adams – Rock ‘n’ Roll (f./ Bill Joe Armstrong of Greenday and Parker Posey)
Bon Jovi – This Left Feels Right: Greatest Hits with a Twist
Peter Gabriel – HIT (2 cds)
Guided By Voices – Best of: Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
Guided By Voices – Hardcore UFOS: Revelations, Epiphanies…
Guided by Voices – Watch Me Jumpstart (expanded version)
Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks – Featuring an All Star Cast of Friends (CD/DVD combo)
Tish Hinojosa – From Texas for a Christmas Night
Jars of Clay – Who We Are Instead
Wyclef Jean – The Preacher’s Son
Mark Lanegan – Here Comes that Weird Chill (EP)
Courtney Love – America’s Sweetheart
Sarah McLachlan – Afterglow
The Pale – Gravity Gets Things Done (national release)
Phantom Planet – The Guest
Pivitplex – Under Museum Quality Glass
POD – Payable on Death
Iggy Pop – Skull Ring
Henry Rollins – Get in the Van (double CD set)
Sun Kill Moon  - Ghosts of the Great Highway (side project of Mark Kozelek of Red       House Painters)
Wheat – Per Second, Per Second, Per Second

Robert Bradley and Blackwater Surprise – Still Lovin’ You
Dave Hollister – Real Talk
Whitney Houston – Holiday Album
Insyderz – Soundtrack to a Revolution
Ron Isley/Burt Bacharach – Here I Am
Nick Lachey - SoulO
Matchbox Twenty – EP
Mark O’Connor – 30-year Retrospective (2 discs)
Pink – Try This
Dolly Parton – For God and Country
Peter, Paul, and Mary - For These Times
Six Parts Seven – Lost Notes from Forgotten Songs
Ringo Starr – Ringo Rama (3 cds)
Stone Temple Pilots – Thank You
Ruben Studdars – Soulful
Randy Travis – Worship and Faith
blink-182  - blink-182
The Cross Movement – Holy Culture DVD
Duvall – Volume and Density (former Smoking Popes members)
Flaming Lips – Ego-Tripping at the Gates of Hell
Floetry – Floecism: Live in New Orleans
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals – Live from the Hollywood Bowl
Corey Harris – Mississippi to Mali
Jack Johnson – Live (CD/DVD set)
Cyndi Lauper – Love Stories (all cover songs)
LA Symphony – The End is Now
Reba McEntire – Room to Breathe
Moby – 18 B-Sides (CD/DVD set)
Pillar – Broken Down: The EP
Skillet – Collide
Slick Shoes – The Biggest and Best
Two Thirty Eight – Matter has a Breaking Point
Soundtrack – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Audioslave – Audioslave
The Autumn Defense – Circles (side project of Wilco’s John Stirrat)
Nelly Furtado – Folklore
Jay-Z – The Black Album

Alicia Keys – Diary of Alicia Keys

Chemical Brothers – Legion of Boom

Air – Talkie Walkie
Starflyer 59 – I am the Portuguewse Blues
Wannadies – Before and After

Aaron Sprinkle – Lackluster

Lefty’s Deceiver - Cheats

Stay tuned for more
Ken Mueller


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