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Nelson's Nuggets: February 2003 in CCM

This month's highlights include fan favorites Jars of Clay and Caedmon's Call opening up our month with a bang.  They are releasing new projects together and will be touring together starting this month.  I'm extremely excited to see the Jars guys covering a Gene Eugene song (Adam Again's "Dig") on the Studio disc of their 2CD set.  CCM Veteran Sandi Patty returns with her first new disc in years on the 11th.  Switchfoot, Audio Adrenaline and Andrew Peterson will all be competing for the teen (and beyond) dollar to highlight a very heavy release schedule on the 25th.  I am particularly interested in hearing the first project from GlassByrd.  Christine Glass was a victim of too little exposure, which often happens to artists on smaller CCM labels.  She is teaming up with husband Marc Byrd (of Common Children) to perform as GlassByrd, and I expect it to be a great project.


Paul Fleming - Heaven's Shore
Frauenholz - Codex
Jars of Clay - Furthermore: From The Studio, From The Stage
Caedmon's Call - Back Home
DJ Saint E - A B-Boy's Battle
Various - WoW Gospel 2003 
Various (Maranatha) - 70's Worship
Various (Maranatha)   - 80's Worship
Various (Maranatha) - 90's Worship


Natalie Grant - Deeper Life 
Fernando Ortega - Hymns Of Worship
Sandi Patty - Take Hold of Christ
Songs4Worship - The Solid Rock 
GlassByrd - Open Wide This Window 
Carlton Pearson - The Best Of Azusa
Holland - Photographs & Tidalwaves
Further Seems Forever - How To Start A Fire


Jill Parr - Shhh…
Todd Agnew - Grace Like Rain 
Ben Tankard - Play A Li'l Song 4 Me 
Byron Cage - The Prince Of Praise 
Fatheads - Fudgeknuckle: The Nappy Head Experience
Prime Minister - Primordial


Audio Adrenaline - Worldwide 
Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown 
Andrew Peterson - Love and Thunder 
Peace 586 - Generations 
Vineyard - This Is Love 
Lynda Randle - Hymns 
Mae - Destination: Beautiful 
Soul Embraced - Immune 
Peace 586 - Generations 
Scott Krippayne - It Goes Like This 
Terry MacAlmon - Visit Us 
Legacy Five - London  
Various  (Integrity Music) - Women of Faith's Great Adventure

Jonathan's Nelson's 5 Nuggets for Februar February

(1) GlassByrd - Open Wide This Window
(2) Caedmon's Call - Back Home
(3) Fernando Ortega - Hymns Of Worship
(4) Jars of Clay - Furthermore: From The Studio, From The Stage
(5) Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown

Coming Next Month

Third Day, Reliant K, Michael Card, and another giant release date to end the month (featuring The Lost Dogs and Plumb).

Have a great month,
Jonathan Nelson


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