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  Soundtrack to a Revolution
Artist:  The Insyderz 
Label:  Floodgate Records/Word/WEA
Length:  10 Tracks/31:54

Ah yes, I remember when Ska ruled the Christian Rock Radio airwaves and the kids could not get enough of the Supertones, Bunch o' Believers and Detroit's own Ska-Punk rock ensemble the Insyders.  Well folks, The Insyderz are back after a three year hiatus and are ready to rock out with their new Floodgate Records release Soundtrack to a Revolution.  Don't pop this CD
expecting a major sound change...this is still the same Insyderz you knew and loved.  This emphasis here is more on the punk rather than the Ska side of things...but the horns and ska beats are still present, never fear. 

Joe Yerke sings/raps with a cookie monster/growling vengeance on several cuts...this vocal styling can be an acquired taste for some, and others will love it. The rest of the band is tight, the horns add a nice touch (while not being over-emphasized), and the guitars have a nice crunch and some memorable riffage.  The lyrics emphasize the spiritual struggle/warfare/revolution aspects of the faith-not incredibly original but fitting for the genre.

This CD could have been the today's prices a CD clocking in at 32 minutes is less than desirable, and some listeners may not enjoy the ska sound (it can sound a tad dated at times).  The Insyderz are a youth minister approved band that has fun while rocking and hey, that's not such a bad thing.

Barry Nothstine  11/17/2003

The climax of ska is over, and life goes on. Some may think ska is dead, and some might say ska has never faltered. Yes, ska is pressumebly "dead," and yes, ska is still alive. The demise of Five Iron Frenzy is sad for all of those Christian ska fans. Don't give up hope though, The Insyderz are now back, after a three year hiatus.

Something is on the burner, the front one that is, for all of you ska enthusiasts out there. Think of your very own soundtrack, how about a Soundtrack to a Revolution?  Well, here it is.

Soundtrack to a Revolution is here " insight a revolution in the hearts of people . . . to challenge people to take a deeper look into the revolutionary elements of Jesus . . . ." This is time for battle, and here is your "Call to Arms." This CD is quite ska-heavy in orientation (especially "Testimony" and "God Almighty"), with lots of punk and a newer discovery of a straight-up rock sound. Styles range from the authentic "battle hymns" ("Soundtrack to a Revolution" and "Call to Arms") to a Kid Rock-ish tune ("Shoot Out") all the way to a "dirty" ska  song ("Better Half"). Produced by Royce Nunley of The Suicide Machines, this project is  definitely a broad showing of a ska-heavy CD that mixes it up, to a quite desirable sound. Come along and welcome back some old friends, The Insyderz, as they play out their Soundtrack to a Revolution.

Len Nash 12/4/2003


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