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  Not Dancing For Chicken
Artist: Steve Lawson
Label: Pillow Mountain Records
Tracks: 13/ 67:54

This is the third release from Steve Lawson on Pillow Mountain Records, it is also his third time hitting the ball out of the park for a home run. For those of you among the uninitiated who are unfamiliar with young Mr. Lawson think of it like this. Take the playing expertise of Phil Keaggy mix in a healthy dose of the solo work of Robert Fripp and transfer that to a six string fretless bass guitar. What you have as a result of the best of both is a gentleman known as Steve Lawson. As the album liner notes declare "there are no synths or midi-triggered sounds here at all - it's all electric bass, processed and looped in real time." Even with this knowledge in mind I am absolutely amazed at the sounds that are coming out of my speakers as I sit down to write this review.

Steve's first offering was a live in concert solo bass album, his second was a set of improvisational pieces with digital pianist Jez Carr. This his third, is also a live album, but it was recorded in the studio without an audience to get a cleaner feel to the overall project. All of
the songs and there are thirteen of them were recorded in one take only. Hearing these songs  only whets my appetite to see this guy live. Those of you living in California will be able to do just that in January. He will be doing a few dates along with Michael Roe and Mark Harmon who will be appearing as Orbis. I can't wait to read the review of that show. For more information on Steve and Pillow Mountain Records check out

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 12/21/2002



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