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The Crossing

Hello folks,

My name is Chris Barlow. I'll be your New Releases guy. I'm taking this column up from Ken Mueller. I
couldn't expect to just step into 'ol Ken's shoes, so instead, I set up a pup tent in the middle of the
wilderness and hope the wind doesn't blow it down. With that in mind, I give you some new releases for
June and a bit more. It looks to be a very good month. My column will probably, for the most part, consist of quality over quantity. If I miss someone's favorite band or artist...don't take offence...just email me
and maybe I'll learn something new.


Here is the first edition of The Crossing (June New Releases and more)

Out now:

Drivin N Cryin - "Detroit City Rock" (4 song ep
including cover of
The Beatles' 'Let It Be'. Check out their website).
Fastball - "Keep Your Wig On"
Cowboy Junkies - "One Soul Now" w/ bonus 5 song
covers ep including
cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Thunder Road'.
Jay Farrar - "Stone Steel & Bright Lights" (Live
album featuring
Jay's solo material)

June 15:

Patti Scialfa - "23rd Street Lullaby"
(Springsteen's wife; 2nd album)

June 22:

BoDeans - "Resolution" (first album in 8 years.)
Wilco - "A Ghost Is Born"

June 29:
Rush - "Feedback" (8 song covers album of 60's
songs including Eddie
Cochran's 'Summertime Blues' and Cream's
Concrete Blonde - "Mojave"
The Pixies - "Wave Of Mutilation" (Best Of)
The Cure - "The Cure"

Also in June?

Bill Mallonee - "Dear Life"

Not a bad month!

Coming in July:

July 13th:

Mutual Admiration Society - (project featuring Glen
Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket & the members of
Nickel Creek)  

Also in July?

Pierce Pettis - Great Big World"

Rock on....

Chris Barlow


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