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Seventeen Questions for Josh Caterer from Duvall 
March 2004
Interviewed by: Len Nash
Josh Catererís conversion to Christianity was a shocker to some of the fans of his band Smoking Popes at first, but now after a hiatus from music, Josh has returned to the scene with a new band, named Duvall. Correspondent Len Nash recently shot seventeen questions to Caterer, which he graciously answered.
Nash: What is your name, what do you do in Duvall, and who does it consist of?
Caterer: My name is Josh, I sing and play guitar. My brother Eli plays bass, and Rob plays drums.
Nash: What is the history behind Duvall?
Caterer: We've been a band since August 2001, and we've released 3 EPs and a full-length CD.
Nash: What is the style of music that Duvall plays?
Caterer: Guitar-driven melodic power-pop with Christian overtones.
Nash: What are some of your guys' influences?
Caterer: Our influences are too numerous to name. We're all pretty much obsessed with music, and have been absorbing as much of it as we can since we were kids.
Nash: Are you going out on tour any time during the summer months?
Caterer: Yes, we'll be doing a tour of the east and southeast in June, and then hopefully back out west pretty soon after that.
Nash: Why the name Duvall?
Caterer: The Apostle is my favorite movie. Robert Duvall's performance was amazing. He's really my favorite actor, so I put his name down on the list of possible band names, and he ended up winning the vote.
Nash: What are all of Duvall's releases?
Caterer: There were two EPs on DoubleZero Records, Standing at the Door and This Time Everything is Mine and then there was a CD single for "Racine" on Asian Man Records, and the new full-length Volume & Density is also on Asian Man. 
Nash: What is the theme of Duvall's current cd, Volume & Density?
Caterer: Most of the songs have to do with my own process of growing more mature in my relationship with Christ, and how it has affected the way I see my relationships with other people.
Nash: Do you, Josh Caterer, believe that Christ laid down his life on the cross to be a living sacrifice to save you from your sins? 
Caterer: Yes, I believe it.
Nash: What do you think of the movie, ___The Passion of the Christ___? 
Caterer: I think it's the best film depiction of Christ I've ever seen. Most movies about his life tend to gloss things over, but this one was brutally realistic. It's definitely not for little kids, but I think every grown person should see it.
Nash: Where can people find more information out about Duvall, especially on the internet? 
Caterer: Our website is
Nash: Why did you stop doing The Smoking Popes? Were you a Christian anytime during playing for them?
Caterer: I became a Christian in May 1998 and I quit the Popes in January 1999. I tried to incorporate my faith into what we were doing in the Popes, but it just didn't seem like a good fit. I was afraid my faith would eventually fizzle out in that environment, so I walked away from it, and I just concentrated on growing in Christ for a couple years before I felt confident about putting a new band together.
Nash: Where does Duvall hail from?
Caterer: We hail from Chicago, originally. We've all spread out a little bit now, and none of us actually live in the city anymore, but we're still a Chicago band at heart.
Nash: Is it different touring now that you have a kid?
Caterer: Yeah, I really miss my son when we're on the road. But we try not to go out for too long. A few weeks at the most. If you're out for more than a few weeks at a time, you start feeling weird, even if you don't have a kid.
Nash: Why the change of faith? From music, now to Christ, and now with sharing Christ's love through your music.
Caterer: Well, I've always loved music, but I was wrong to think it was really going to make me happy. There's no true happiness apart from Christ. And now that I know him, it seems only natural to want to express his love through music. It's what music was invented for. 
Nash: Any statements or messages to those who may read this?
Caterer: Only that I want to thank my mom and dad for being so supportive of me.


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