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November 2004 in CCM

Blah blah blah blah. OK, I?m running late and have nothing great or exciting to say? Now here?s the music coming out this month:


Newsboys - Devotion 
Relient K - mmhmmm
GRITS - Dichotomy B
Switchfoot - The Early Years: 1997 - 2000 
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound - Christmas with Ernie Haase
He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood
Various (Rocketown) - Exodus (Re-release) 


Various (Gospocentric) - Gotta Have Gospel Vol. 2
Derek Webb - I See Things Upside Down
Salvador - So Natural
Randy Travis - Passing Through
Andy Chrisman - One
George Huff - My Christmas EP
Russ Lee - Hear Those Bells
Nicholas Jonas - Nicholas Jonas


Jeremy Camp - Restored
Adam Watts - The Noise Inside
The Chariot - Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing; Nothing Is Dead and Nothing is Bleeding
Anthony Burger - A Tribute to Bill & Gloria
The Showdown - A Chorus of Obliteration 


Third Day - Live Wire
PFR - The Bookhouse Recordings
Lisbeth Scott - Passionate Voice
Assiria - Brillas
Vertical - Imaginate
Ruben Studdard - I Need an Angel
Donnie McClurkin - Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs


Nelson?s 5 Nuggets for November:

1) GRITS - Dichotomy B
2) Relient K - mmhmmm
3) Jeremy Camp - Restored
4) PFR - The Bookhouse Recordings
5) Derek Webb - I See Things Upside Down

Coming Next Month

Not much, but we will let you know of the few releases in December. 

Have a great month,
Jonathan Nelson


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