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  Dichotomy B
Artist: Grits
Label: Gotee Records
URL: <>
Times: 13 tracks / 45.5 minutes

Hands pound down on piano chords; a choir sings opera notes in the background; a bell softly ringing . . . sound like Christian hip-hop? No, and that's what makes Grits one of Christian music's hottest hip-hop combos--they combine flavorful sounds with strong beats to back while they spit out spiritual lyrics.

Often times, sequels are disastrous (more so in the film industry), and if they're really bad, they might destroy the popularity of the first project. In order to make a sequel truly successful, the artist must surpass the quality of the first and elevate it to a new, even more remarkable level. Dichotomy B, the sixth album by this Tennessee duo and part two of their Dichotomy set, has left the majority of Christian hip hop in the background and has run ahead with new innovative, club-bangin' hits that your body can't help but get up and groove to.

Each track has its own unique appeal that draws in listeners. Even my mom (over 50 years old, who strongly dislikes rap) was intrigued by some of the creative licks. The flavorful song, "On My Way," starts the album with a powerful bang. Add with the slick beats of "Feel the Flow," the catchy rhythm of "If I" and the aggressive feel of "We Don't Play," we have quite an impressive album.

The Christian hip-hop industry is parched and craving upbeat urban music that turns heads and lifts the minds of the youth out of the gutter. Grits is walking in the direction needed in the rest of the hip-hop industry. It's soulful, it's intense, and it's worth our money. If you thought Dichotomy A was an accomplishment, get your hands on Dichotomy B and when you do, make sure to crank it up!

Sarah Verno 11/27/04



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