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  Real Talk
Artist: LeCrae
Label: Reach Records
Time: 14 tracks/58:01

For all you hip-hop fans everywhere, Real Talk is an album to get HYPE about.  Though many consider him a newer face in the Christian music world, LeCrae is breaking ground with a record that proves he’s no baby. With passion, rhythm and rhyme, LeCrae’s message is obvious: You gotta be sold out for Jesus Christ, no matter what the cost. 
For some reason, many people I run into are unaware that Christian rap exists… or at least GOOD Christian rap. However, artists such as Gritz, CZ, KJ-52, and others have recently made way in the music industry. With contributions from such artists, Christian Hip-hop is taking giant leaps forward, and LeCrae is right there to jump with it.

Though the strong beats and clever hooks are obviously a strength for LeCrae (example: “Sold Out,” “Crossover,” and “Represent”), the lyrical content makes this the chunkiest Christian rap record I’ve ever heard. LeCrae is blunt about Christianity and the reality of life on earth (“Heaven and Hell”) while also challenging believers and nonbelievers alike to live for Christ (“Sold Out,” “Wait”).    LeCrae manages to stay true to hip-hop while professing the name of JC in a must-have album.

In LeCrae’s purpose recorded on his website, it states: “…In the world of Hip-Hop, representing SOMETHING is mandatory. Some represent their block, some their money and privilege, and others their knowledge and culture. Without diverting from the standard of representing something, LeCrae's goal is to represent Christ and a holy culture.”

Real Talk is exactly what it is – real talk.  LeCrae doesn’t beat around the bush.  He tackles life issues and remains brutally honest about Christianity and what it means to represent Christ. “If the message is the meat, then the seasonings are the rhyme patterns, urban beats, and relational themes. LeCrae remains true in his music and ministry.... uncompromised!”

Sarah Verno, 7/31/2004



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