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  Apartment 305
Artist: Rob Goraieb
Label: B/R/M
Length: 11/36:22

Take a mixture of George Harrison, Neil Finn, Coldplay, Paul Westerburg, and various Americana artists, and you can begin to get a picture of Rob Goriaeb ’s sound on Apartment 305.  It is difficult to listen to any pop album without referring to the Beatles, but there it is.   “Soho” features John Lennon style vocals combined with a Coldplay like keyboard line.

“Until the End” depicts the decline and inevitable demise of a relationship, and is tinged with a folk sensibility.  Many of the lyrics throughout deal with guy/girl issues, and trying to find one’s way through the confusion. “You Want My Love” could be a picture of two people afraid to make the first move, or a self-deluded type convinced the object of his affection is obsessed with him:

“You’ve been keeping your feelings inside/Second thoughts display your mind/It’s just something you can’t hide/Just as long as your realize/You know you want my love.”

“Talking of a Better Day” laments the shape the world is in and asks “Don’t you think God looks down from above and wonders aloud why they’re so selfish?”

Goraieb will appeal to fans of smartpop and readers of Paste Magazine.  His pop sensibilities and up to date sound make for an enjoyable package.

Brian A. Smith
3 October 2004



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