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Meet BevAcqua

When BevAcqua takes to the stage and lead worship at Darien Lake’s Kingdom Bound in Western New York State on August 1, it promises to be one of those moments frozen in time.  The band fronted by husband and wife team Joe and Daphne BevAcqua combines the unique abilities of being a good worship band with the uncanny ability to sonically remind one of Sheryl Crow when they play one of their edgier tunes. Their hooky lyrics and riveting guitar riffs set the stage for Daphne’s world class voice.

Bearing in mind that this is a worship event, it is difficult to predict what music you are going to hear, however, one hopes the group will be brazen enough to play one or two songs that highlight Joe’s guitar work. This is a man steeped in modesty about his own abilities who easily could share the stage with the likes of Paul Colman or Steven Curtis Chapman without embarrassing himself.

Alan Scott of WDCX in Buffalo says about BevAcqua, “BevAcqua helps to stamp the word ‘legitimate’ across the department store window of Canadian Christian recording artists.  Quality, versatility and radio hitters displays who they are.”

"What Love’s About," track five from the album Free, is a potential chart stopper for mainstream radio and if they can make the right connections, BevAcqua just may be one of the few Indie artists to make it in both mainstream and Christian music circles. The sound of "What Love’s About" takes listeners back to Sheryl Crow’s "My Favorite Mistake."  The words to "What Love’s About," however, speak about the quest for a new found relationship with God, while Crow looked back at a past romantic relationship.   The song features some cool guitar grooves by Joe Bevacqua.

“If there is a formula for writing a hit song, BevAcqua have found it”, says Scott Jackson, station manager for LIFE 100.3.

"Inside Out," from the album Free, features Joe at his best laying down some memorable guitar licks. Singing the lyrics with an edge, Daphne calls into question the shallow surface relationships that so often exist both inside and outside Christian circles: 

Have you ever wondered why people are so fickle
One day they love you the next day they don’t
And you try so hard to appease complainers.
The album Free is an album of hope not negativity as the lyrics to the worship tune "I Love You Lord" attest" "Cause you alone are my God / No one loves me like you do." 

In the fall of 2004, "I Love You Lord" was included as a bonus track on Volume 46 of Song Discovery’s resources for worship leaders and made available to subscribers of Worship Leader Magazine.  The credits for Volume 46 include the names of Michael W. Smith and Chris Tomlin; very good company indeed for BevAcqua and a good indicator of how great they can become.

Despite receiving both Christian radio and mainstream airplay, BevAcqua has remained ministry-focused. As I sat in their living room and we talked about their upcoming gig at Kingdom Bound, Joe expressed excitement about leading worship. He says of the opportunity, “It’s a huge honor to play there.” He also wants it clearly understood that they are going to Kingdom Bound to lead worship not put on a performance or a show.

BevAcqua is a perfect example of what happens when has been blessed with good songwriting skills and it also happens to contain good performers.  In commenting on performing their own material Daphne says, “When you sing it live, there’s a real passion behind it because you really know where that song came from and where the words came from--the experience you went through to be able to write that song.”

“When I write something, it usually has to do with a situation that I’ve gone through or I’m going through.  I’m the kind of person who vents on paper.  So when I’m really upset about something or really happy about something, it usually ends up in a song. His (Joe’s) lyrics are more worship oriented. That is where a lot of our worship songs come from. They are usually from Joe’s writing and all the ones that concern harder issues are the ones that I write,” says Daphne. 

“You have a lot of mountains and valleys and emotional rollercoaster rides. I think a lot of times God really wants to deal with our hearts and make sure that our hearts are clean and pure in certain areas before he takes us to the next level,” adds Joe.

Early in July 2005, Joe and Daphne were headed back to the studio with producer Andrew Horrocks to put the final touches on  the song entitled "Be A Hero." The proceeds from the song will benefit an organization known as Absolute Hero ( which is launching a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer to help build homes for those living in poverty who saw their meager possessions washed away by the flooding in 2004.

The couple traveled to Kiev, in the Ukraine, last spring to assist a mission trip working with school-aged children. At parties held on two separate nights near the close of the two week mission, three thousand children had the opportunity to hear the gospel and listen to Joe share how God had taken him from a world of drugs during his teenage years and changed his life. He spoke through a translator. Joe’s message was poignant as Daphne described the situation that now exists among many of the youth in the Ukraine. She said many young people have sought answers in the world of drugs and alcohol.

Look for BevAcqua August 1 in the worship tent at Six Flags Darien Lakes’ Kingdom Bound. The service starts at 1:30 pm. Prior to Kingdom Bound you can hear their music at <> .

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

Joe Montague is an internationally published journalist / photographer. His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18. All copyright and distribution rights remain the property of Joe Montague.


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