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A Special, Seasonal 
Single Serving: 
Psychologist Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT reflects upon 
I Still Miss Someone by Johnny Cash 
At my door the leaves are falling
A cold wild wind has come
Sweethearts walk by together
And I still miss someone

I go out on a party
And look for a little fun
But I find a darkened corner
because I still miss someone...

HELLO, I'M a JOHNNY CASH fan.  I'd like to introduce you to the song, I Still Miss Someone.  When I hear this song, I actually feel like I'm at Johnny's door.  I feel like I'm walking a mile in Johnny's boots, and looking through Johnny's lonely eyes.  I can almost see the leaves falling.  I can almost feel the cold wind blowing.  When I hear this song, I feel as if I am alone.   I travel with Johnny to that party, and join him in looking for "a little fun."  The party, for me, like Johnny, is big on "little" and more than a little short of "fun."  And I reluctantly walk with Johnny to that "darkened corner." Like Johnny, I find myself utterly alone and desperate.  So, I ask myself:

What Would Johnny Do? 
Words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c) 2005 
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Suddenly I realize that I am happily married, and wholly fulfilled.  I am married to Roxie, my beautiful, loving wife-the one who gave birth to our, charming, profoundly entertaining, if sleep-depriving little baby, Kassidy, just a few months ago.   With my own little family and my own Personal Jesus, there is little room for loneliness in my life.  Yet, something is missing.  I feel it when I walk into the "Cash Room," in our home, the music room that inherited that name the day we moved in, the day Johnny Cash died.  

Yes, there is someone I still miss.  And that "someone" is Johnny Cash.   More than any other Johnny Cash song, "I Still Miss Someone," makes me realize how much I miss The Man in Black.  The song, co-written with his son, John, is a signature Cash classic.  Like the three spirits in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the spirit of the song carries you with it, whether you want to go with it or not, until you reach your final destination: The intersection of Lonely and Longing Lanes.  

Yes, though my life is deeply gratifying, I still miss someone.  I still miss Johnny Cash. I miss Johnny's humble, haunted spirit.  I miss his simple faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of his life.  I miss the fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve and bore his soul in every single song.   I miss the fact that he could relate to anyone---kings, presidents, prisoners, plain old country folk and poor, city paupers.  I miss his utter devotion to his wife, June Carter, and I miss his resolute determination to never disappoint his fans by putting out mediocre music.   I miss his trademark guitar-train rhythm, and the unmistakable sound of his singular, rough-hewn, baritone voice, on songs that were simple stories revealing profound truths about humanity, depravity and divinity.   I miss his singular ability to step into any style and any song, take command of it, and make it his.  Though the Man in Black has left us, he has also left us a legacy and a treasure chest bursting with great songs.   

I Still Miss Someone is a sample of Johnny's soul.  In this song, he puts the long in longing.  He puts the lone in loneliness.  

Above all, the song is believable.  So, Johnny, if you are looking down from the heavens, and if you've got your ear turned towards earth, please forgive me for what I've done to your song, because, whatever I've done, I can't possibly do justice to it.   To be more specific, I've added a little Christmas flavor and turned around the lyrics to make it an expression of how your fans (me being the biggest fan) miss you this holiday season.  Johnny, this one's for you:

(We) Still Miss Someone 
(new lyrics by Dr. BLT, original by Johnny Cash, and John, his son) 


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