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Cheryl Cook Country Music Recording 

If you want to see what God can do sign your name to a blank piece of paper, give it to God and watch Him fill it in", says gospel recording artist Cheryl Cook in discussing how she was able to overcome her husband Keiths sudden death in December 2003 and record her debut Christian CD just three months later. 
Cook is a well known country music artist from Napanee, Ontario, Canada who has added her signature vocals to her most recent projects, Gospel album, River of Yesterday and still-to-be-released country music CD Little Angels. River of Yesterday was nominated by the Canadian Gospel Music Association in 2004 for a Covenant Award(Canadas equivalent to the Dove Awards)in the category of Country Gospel Album of the Year.
The music of several well known Nashville artists is featured on the CD. Monty-Lane Allen, who performs with Alan Jackson, and Jennifer OBrien, who provides vocal support for Dolly Parton, can be heard.  Cook and highly regarded Nashville producer Mark Moseley were also able to land the services of several top session players who are featured on the works of people like Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw.
Her voice is so powerful and heartfelt. When she sings, it demands your attention, says Moseley.  He goes on to add, She knows how to sell a song. She is so easy to work with in the studio.
She describes the album as a combination of bluegrass, traditional, and contemporary country music. One song on the CD, Remember Wherever You Go, is a song originally penned about her grandmother by Cheryls Uncle Clifford Booth. Cheryl is a co-writer of the song.
This was not the first time Cook and Moseley teamed up. Moseley produced Cooks first country music CD, Ill Get By in 1992. Cook, performing as Cheryl Hartin, crossed over into country music with the debut of her song, She Doesnt Care. In just two weeks after the song was released to radio it reached thirty-six on the Canadian charts. Other songs from her debut CD Ill Get By registered on the charts in North America and Europe. Seven more songs from Ill Get By made it to the charts. She had five number one hits in Europe, with seven in the top ten. 
Cook’s country music video “No More Broken Promises” was a big hit in Europe and aired on Canada’s Country Music Television (CMT). The song, written by Cook, was from the album I’ll Get By."
Cook has performed as the opening act for Shenandoah, George Fox and Jason McCoy. When she was the main act, a still little known Avril Lavigne served as Cheryls opening act.
During the 'nineties she was approached by two major record labels willing to sign her but personal issues and family matters kept her from being able to seize the opportunity.
“After Keith died I really struggled with doing this album because I really didn't feel I had a song left in my heart to sing. God was really impressing upon my heart that I really needed to get this done,” Cook said.
The second song on the CD, Sometimes You Have to Believe, is a song Cook refers to as her personal testimony. This is not my album. This is strictly the Lord's album. In true Cheryl Cook fashion she describes herself as the vessel through which God works. 
She is looking forward to working as a sponsored artist dedicating her talents to World Vision Canada. 

Cheryl is already working writing songs for her next Gospel CD and has plans to write a book.
Proceeds from the sale of each copy of River of Yesterday go to Child CyberSearch. This nonprofit organization assists in locating missing and exploited children and returning them to their homes. Proceeds from both the album and her concerts also go to assisting youth in the local churches and surrounding communities where she performs. Cheryl and Keith Cook shared a passion for ministering to youth at risk.

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

This material may not be redistributed without prior written permission from Joe Montague.

Joe Montague is a  freelance Christian journalist / photographer who has been published in a variety of community, daily and Christian newspapers coast to coast in Canada and the United States.  Joe Montague's ministry of journalism is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven far too early at the age of 18. 




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