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The Crossing - January 2005 edition

Hello again. It’s a new year...that’s right. It’s 2005. And that means it’s a new era in rock ‘n roll. Not really of course, but it does mean one particular thing that might be of interest...we’re currently right smack dab in the middle of the decade. And so far, I think I can safely say...this decade has been bad for the world, yet good for music! It’s like the worse off the world is, the better the music gets! So, that’s pretty exciting really. It’s something to get revved up about. And if that’s not enough, does the fact that a new Hootie & The Blowfish release later this year get you excited? I thought so. But, it’s all okay, they’ve got their original producer back. (cue: Hold My Hand.) Actually, I have nothing against Hootie. That first album was pretty a-okay. (switching gears.) I don’t really have an artist of the month this month either, but it should be noted that there are two new albums from Conor Oberst aka Bright Eyes coming out in January.
He’s the 24 or so year old Nebraska native who’s something of a phenom at the moment. He recently opened for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M. and John Fogerty on the Rock For Change tour. Don’t let the fact that they didn’t change anything stop you from checking out some of his music. There, of course, is always a lot more music coming out with new artists to discover and there’s little reason to think that 2005 won’t be as good a year as 2004. And to add to the list of artists that should have a new album out this year,
I’d like to add The Wallflowers (You remember ‘6th Avenue Heartache’, of course.) and also The Hooters. This will be their first new
album in twelve years. They, of course, are known for ‘And We Danced’ and ‘All You Zombies’ among others. 

Before we get to the laundry lists of new music, I’d just like to add: May music, no matter what kind you listen to near and far, continue to inspire, reassure, comfort us and give us solace in these uncertain times.

On that note.....let’s get to the goods!

Recently released (and not mentioned in last edition.)

Kings Of Leon - “A-ha Shake Heartbreak” (I don’t know what it means either.)
Susan Cowsill - “Just Believe It” (import)
Nektar - “Evolution”
The Rockfords - “Live In Seattle” (Mike McCready’s pre-Pearl Jam band, 2 CD reunion live set from December 2003.)
Brian Eno - “Original Masters” (4 reissues.)
Sleeping At Last - “Ghosts”
Oysterband - “25th anniversary show” (Live from the
London Forum w/ many special guests.)
Oysterband - “The Big Session: Vol.1” (A collaboration with June Tabor, Show Of Hands, James
O’Grady and The Handsome Family among others.)
Lori McKenna - “Bittertown”
Pinkeye D’Gekko - “Dry Clothes For The Drowning” (A rather untimely title I should think.)
Andy Summers - “X Tracks: Best of Andy Summers” (That guy from The Police.)
Europe - “Start From The Dark” (import; the original 5 members. Cue: ‘Final Countdown’)
Open Water - DVD
Wimbledown - DVD
De-Lovely - DVD
Iceman - DVD
Shaun Of The Dead - DVD
Benji: Off The Leash! - DVD

...and the new, new stuff...

January 2005 and beyond....

Bill Mallonee - “Friendly Fire” (Don’t forget, Bill’s latest album should be out either this month or February to all who have ordered it. If you haven’t ordered, what are you waiting for? Just go to:


Fountains Of Wayne - “B Sides Collection” (import.) 
Twinemen - “Sideshow” (features former members of Morphine.)
Royal Crown Revue - “Greetings From Hollywood”
Lettuce - “Live In Tokyo”
Julia Fordham - “That’s Live”
Willie Nelson - “Best Of”
Alex Woodard - “Mile High”
Greg Weeks - “Blood Is Trouble”
Nick Drake - “Treasury” (reissue.)
Doug Macleod - “Dubb”
Eddi Reader - Many 2 CD live sets.
Telepathy - “Live In Los Angeles 4/28/03”
Weather Prophets - “Judges, Juries & Horsemen” (reissue.)
Troy - DVD
Riding Giants - DVD (a surfing film that got rave reviews.)
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle - DVD


Fragile State - “Facts & Dreams”
Trembling Blue Stars - “Seven Autumn Flowers”
Jess Roden - “Live At The Robin”
Smart Brown Handbag - “The Big Sigh”
Seth Walker & The Differentials - “On The Outside”
The Waifs - “A Brief History” (2 CD set.)
Nicole Campbell - “Arm’s Distance”
Powderfinger - “Fingerprints: The Best Of
Powderfinger” (a popular Australian band.)
A-Ha - “Singles: 1984-2004”
Eurythmics - Many import reissues.
Fiery Furnaces - “EP”
Shivaree - “Who’s Got Trouble”
Esthero - “We R In Need Of A Revolution” (EP.)
Baseball Furies - “Let It Be” (Too good a name not to list.)
Toad The Wet Sprocket - “Welcome Home: Live At The
Arlington Theater 1992”
Soul Asylum - “After The Flood: Live At The Grand
Forks Prom 1997”
Living Colour - “Live At CBGB’s 1989”
Silver City - DVD
The Village - DVD


Emm Gryner - “Songs Of Love And Death” (A collection of Irish songs.)
Anna Nalick - “Wreck Of The Day”
The Bellrays - “Red, White & Black”
The Yardbirds - “Very Best Of” (22 tracks.)
Ambrosia - “Road Island”
Mercury Rev - “Secret Migration” (import.)
Aztec Camera - “Love” and “Stray”
Mogwai - “Government Commissions: BBC Sessions” (import.)
John Entwistle - “So, Who’s The Bass Player? The Ox Anthology” (2 CD set.)
Butterfly Messiah - “Eternal”
Magnolia Electric Co. - “Trials & Errors”
Cellular - DVD
Friday Night Lights - DVD


Bright Eyes - “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning”
Bright Eyes - “Digital Ash In A Digital Urn”
The Devlins - “Waves” (U.S. release.)
Mars Volta - “Deloused In The Comatorium” (Import reissue w/ bonus disc.)
John Frusciante - “Curtains”
Ani Difranco - “Knuckledown”
Erasure - “Nightbird”
Pat Methany - “The Way Up”
Drive By Truckers - “Pizza Deliverance” and
“Gangstabilly” (both remastered reissue’s.)
Genesis - “Platinum Collection” (3 CD set covers their entire career; the 70’s and early 80’s material has been remixed as well as remastered.)
Jimmy Chamberlin - “Life Begins Again” (former Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan drummer.)
Mean Creek - DVD
Story of The Weeping Camel - DVD
Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster - DVD (Even if you don’t have any interest in Metallica, this documentary of how a dysfunctional band copes is well worth checking out.)


“Because Of Winn-Dixie” - (Soundtrack featuring music from Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Finn Brothers, etc.)
Tina Turner - “All The Best” (2 CD best of covering her entire career.)
Pain - “’Tage Mahal” - (Jon Oliva’s new project.)
Motley Crue - “Red, White & Crue” (2 CD best of with 3 new songs.)
The Grudge - DVD
Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow - DVD


3 Doors Down - “Seventeen Days”
Eisley - “Room Noises”
Trick Pony - “Ride”
Shark Tale - DVD


“U2 & I” - a book by Anton Corbijn (their principal photographer.)


Mary Gauthier - “Mercy Now”


Tori Amos - “The Beekeeper” 
Dave Davies - “Afl - 3063” (I have no idea what that title means, but I do know he was once a member of The Kinks.) 
Ozzy Osbourne - “Bible Of Ozz” (4 CD boxset includes a disc of Ozzy covering The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Buffalo Springfield, Mott The Hoople, Eric Burdon, etc.)


Judas Priest - “Angel Of Retribution” (the reunion album w/ bonus DVD.)


Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion - “Exploration”


Over The Rhine - “Born” 


There are things I should remember, but I have forgotten how. I’m all tied up with no time, trying to do too much. And the thoughts that I’ve avoided are the ones I need right now. Like a warm wind and love’s hand and I just want to be touched. I just want to be real. I just want to be well. I just want to be healed. I just want to be warm.
Mark Heard, from the song “I Just Wanna Get Warm” off the album Second Hand and also off the compilation High Noon.

Stay warm and well everyone! See you in Febrrrruary.

Chris Barlow


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