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The Crossing - November 2005 Edition

Hello folks. An interesting month we’ve got here. Three artists that haven’t been heard from in a long time are releasing albums this month. Four if we count Bob Seger. His album is thought to be delayed however at this writing. In some publications it has a release date of November 8th. But on, for instance, it’s not even listed. So we’ll have to stay tuned for that. When it does come out, it will be his first in ten, well, possibly eleven years. The other artists that are back are: the Irish new-age songstress Enya, with her
first album in five years entitled “Amarantine”. It is the follow-up to “A Day Without Rain” in 2000. INXS, from the Land Downunder, who we’ve been seeing a lot of recently on the reality show Rockstar: INXS is back with their newly ordained singer J.D. Fortune. He’s
got big shoes to fill in the name of the late Michael Hutchence. It’s their first album since “Elegantly Wasted” in 1997. Their new one is
called “Switch” out November 29th. Good luck to them! And lastly, the English recluse Kate Bush is back with her first new album since “The Red Shoes” in 1993. It’s a double album and it’s called “Aerial”. Should be very interesting indeed. I say she should get together with the equally slow to churn out new albums Peter Gabriel and tour. Could be a great match! 


Speaking of people we haven’t heard from in a long time, for this month I thought I’d take a look back a bit and give Mr. Billy Joel the nod for the Artist of the Month. I don’t see him putting out an all new studio album out anytime soon anyway, so now’s the time, right? On November 22nd, he gets the boxset treatment, make that the 2nd boxset treatment. This new set is called “My Lives” and features 5 discs. In 1997, Mr. Joel got his first boxset treatment with the 4 CD Complete Hits Collection that spanned 1973 to 1997. The new 2005 set contains many demos and alternate takes of the hit songs featured on that first boxset. Could be considered really for completists only. But, we’ll see. The first boxset is a study in piano based pop songcraft. Mr. Joel’s star has fallen from a great height since his
heyday, or maybe it’s just finally set. No matter how you look at it, he was a sublime songwriter who literally had quality song after song, hit after hit for a span ranging more than two decades. Songs like “Piano Man”, “The Stranger”, “Scenes >From An Italian Restaurant”, “Only The Good Die Young”, “Big Shot”, “Allentown”, “The Longest Time”, up to “The Downeaster ‘Alexa’”, “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and “Baby Grand” with the late Ray Charles. It’s easy to forget just how many songs have played over the American airwaves. This is literally the tip of the iceberg so to speak. In recent years, Billy Joel has been touring with one of his peers Elton John and has also been involved with writing some classical music that I don’t think too many people have heard. Regardless, Mr. Joel’s star has been established. To really get an idea of what he was capable of, I fully recommend that first boxset and you’ll see his undeniable talent in matching words to melody. He is indeed, one of America’s all-time great songwriters. Oh, if he would only do one more album.... Think it’ll happen?

Anyway, it’s good to remember the greats while we discover new artists getting their feet wet. Let’s see who else is out there....

Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

    * Saw Doctors - “The Cure” (import.)
    * Tift Merritt - “Home Is Loud” (Live in North Carolina.)
    * John Peel - “A Tribute” (2 CD set for the late BBC DJ; import.)
    * The Morrells - “4 CD live anthology”
    * John Cale - “Black Acetate” 
    * Border Band - “Hard West”
    * Cherryholmes - “Cherryholmes”
    * Diana Darby - The Magdalene Laundries” 
    * Danny Epps - “Rumors Of The Truth”
    * The Elders - “Live at the Gem Theater”
    * The Magic Numbers - “The Magic Numbers”
    * OK GO - “Oh No”
    * Los Lobos - “En Vivo” (Acoustic, all-spanish live CD.)
    * Mark Eitzel - “Candy A**”
    * Matthew Good - “In A Coma (1995-2005)”
    * Laura Veirs - “Year of Meteors”
    * Roma 79 - “The Great Dying”
    * Kingsbury Manx - “The Fast Rise and Fall of the South”
    * Abdel Wright - “Abdel Wright”
    * Robert Coleman Trussell - “Texas Gothic”
    * Stephen Bruton - “From The Five”
    * Madness - “The Dangermen Sessions”
    * Traffic - “Last Great Traffic Jam” (CD/DVD. Reunion show from 1994.)
    * Supertramp - “Gold” (2 CD best of.)
    * Joe Strummer - “101’ers” and “Walker”
    * Patricia Vonne - “Guitars & Castanets”
    * Mack Starks - “Blind Spot”
    * Carlene Carter - a few reissues
    * June Carter Cash - a few reissues
    * Roseanne Cash - a few reissues
    * Marshall Crenshaw - a few reissues
    * Various Artists - “This Bird Has Flown” (40th anniversary tribute to The Beatles’ ‘Rubber Soul’; includes Sufjan Stevens, Fiery      Furnaces, Dar Williams and Cowboy Junkies, etc.)
    * Various Directors - Collected Music Video Works of Director’s Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs, Michel Gondry, Anton Corbijn, Jonathan Glazer, Chris Cunningham, Mark Romanek and Stephane Sednaoui.; sold separately and as two volume packs. All bringing you the videos for the artists you love!
    * Bruce Hornsby - “Three Nights on the Town” (DVD.)
    * Flaming Lips - “Video Overview in Deceleration: 1992-2005” (DVD.)
    * Titanic - 3 DVD Special Edition (Cameron.)
    * The Wizard Of Oz - 3 DVD Special Edition
    * The Warriors - Director’s Cut DVD
    * The Big Lebowski - Special Edition DVD
    * Office Space - DVD Collector’s Edition comes with coffee mug and red stapler!


    * Nirvana - “Sliver: Best of the Boxset”
    * Deep Purple - “Rapture Of The Deep”
    * Ozzy Osbourne - “Undercovers”
    * Santana - “All That I Am” (w/many special guests per usual.) 
    * John Fogerty - “Long Road Home: Ultimate Fogerty/Creedence Collection”
    * Dwight Yoakam - “Live from Austin, TX”
    * John Hiatt - “Live from Austin, TX”
    * Terri Clark - “Life Goes On” (New date.) 
    * Imogen Heap - “Speak For Yourself”
    * Trey Anastasio - “Shine”
    * Taking Back Sunday - “Tell All Your Friends”
    * The Tragically Hip - “Hipeponymous” (4 CD plus DVD boxset; import, Canada.)
    * Magnum - “Livin’ The Dream” (2 DVD set.)
    * Procal Harum - “Live at the Union Chapel” (DVD.)
    * Bjork - “Medulla Videos” (DVD.)
    * Duran Duran - “Live from London” (DVD.)
    * Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith - DVD
    * Aliens Of The Deep - (DVD; James Cameron documentary.)
    * Dear America - Letters Home From Vietnam - (First time on DVD; 1988 documentary.) 


    * Bob Seger - “Face The Promise” (Bob’s first new album since ‘It’s A Mystery’ in 1995 is thought to be delayed at press time. Stay tuned...)
    * Kate Bush - “Aerial” (2 CD’s.)
    * The Mob - “The Mob” (New side project featuring Doug Pinnick of King’s X, Reb Beach of Winger and Kelly Keaggy of Night Ranger.)
    * Dire Straits - “Private Investigations: Very Best of Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits”
    * Mars Volta - “Scabdates”
    * My Chemical Romance - “Life On The Murder Scene”
    * Hamilton Camp - “Sweet Joy”
    * Anna Coogan & North 19 - “Glory”
    * Alanis Morrisette - “The Collection”
    * Cyndi Lauper - “The Body Acoustic”
    * Beastie Boys - “Solid Gold Hits”
    * Jimmy Buffett - “Live At Fenway Park”
    * Patti Smith - “Horses” (Expanded edition reissue.)
    * The Highwaymen - “The Road Goes On Forever”
    * Neil Diamond - “12 Songs” (Produced by Rick Rubin.)
    * Robert Fripp - “Love Cannot Bear”
    * UFO - “Showtime”
    * Steve Howe - “Homebrew 3”
    * Syn - “Syndestructible” (Features Yes bassist Chris Squire.)
    * Various Artists - “A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill” (4 CD boxset.)
    * Live 8 Concerts - Four DVD Set. (The historic concerts from this past Summer include U2, Paul McCartney and a newly reformed     Pink Floyd among many others.)
    * The Police - “Synchronicity Concert in Atlanta” (New, new date. This should really come out this day. Cross fingers.)
    * The BoDeans - “Live at the Pabst Theater” (DVD.)
    * Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - DVD (Burton.)
    * 9 Songs - DVD


    * Bruce Springsteen - “Born To Run” (30th Anniversary Edition w/remastered CD, 2 DVD’s and a photo book. DVD’s include a documentary on the making of the album and a 1975 concert from London filmed early in the tour.)
    * Wilco - “Kicking Television: Live in Chicago” (New date.)
    * Madonna - “Confessions On A Dancefloor”
    * Johnny Cash - “Walk the Line” 
      (Soundtrack featuring Joaquin Phoenix & Reece Witherspoon singing the songs of the Man in Bllack.)
    * Bob Dylan - “Best of” (Single CD; like the Neil Young one.)
    * Martin Sexton - “Camp Christmas”
    * Dave’s True Story - “Simple Twist Of Fate”
    * Bush - “Zen x Four” (w/DVD.)
    * Roine Stolt - “Wall Street Voodoo” 
    * Cat Stevens - “Gold” (2 CD best of.)
    * Pete Townshend - “Gold” (2 CD best of.)
    * Moody Blues - “Lovely To See You: Live from the Greek”
    * Eurythmics - “Ultimate Collection”
    * Jackson Browne - “Running On Empty” (Remastered and expanded.)
    * Texas - “Red Book” (import.)
    * Various Artists - “Screaming Masterpiece” (Icelandic artists including Sigur Ros and Bjork.)
    * U2 - “Live From Chicago On The Vertigo Tour” (DVD.)
    * Rush - “R30” (Live from Frankfurt, Germany; 2 DVD set.)
    * Guided By Voices - “Final Show at the Chicago Cabaret Metro” (DVD.)
    * Peter Gabriel - “Still Growing Up: Peter Gabriel Live and Unwrapped” (2 DVD set.)
    * Green Day - “Bullet In A Bible” (DVD; concert film.) 
    * Airplane! - DVD; Special Edition
    * Madagascar - DVD
    * Skeleton Key - DVD
    * Stealth - DVD


    * Live - “Songs From Black Mountain” (Date change; This will be released March 21st!)
    * Enya - “Amarantine”
    * Billy Joel - “My Lives” (5 CD boxset; includes many demos and rarities.)
    * Ray Davies - “Thanksgiving Day” (Ep.)
    * John Lennon - “Walls and Bridges”
    * The Rolling Stones - “Rarities 1971-2003”
    * Scott Stapp - “The Great Divide” (former Creed singer.)
    * System Of A Down - “Hypnotize”
    * The Pursuit Of Happiness - “When We Ruled: Best of the Pursuit of Happiness”
    * Neville Bros. - “Gold” (2 CD best of.)
    * Shy - “Anthology 1983-2005: Break Down The Walls”
    * Night Ranger - “Hits, Acoustic and Rarities”
    * Queens of the Stone Age - “Over The Years and Through The Woods” 
    * John Mayer Trio - “Live in Concert”
    * Various Artists - “Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert”
    * Various Artists - “Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now” (2 CD set.)
    * Seinfeld - “Season 5” (DVD.) 
    * War Of The Worlds - DVD (Spielberg.)
    * Polar Express - DVD
    * The Honeymooners ‘05 - DVD


    * INXS - “Switch” (w/ new singer J.D. Fortune)
    * The Darkness - “One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back”
    * Nick Cave - “The Proposition”
    * Garth Hudson - “Our Lady Queen of the Angels”
    * Dave Matthews Band - “Weekend On The Rocks” (CD/DVD.)
    * Mr. And Mrs. Smith - DVD
    * March of The Penguins - DVD
    * Sky High - DVD


    * Beck - “Guerolito” (Remix album.)
    * Sugarcult - “Start Static”
    * Los Lonely Boys - “TBA”
    * P.O.D. - “Testify”
    * Korn - “See You On The Other Side” 
    * Pink Floyd - “Pulse” (2 DVD set; first time on DVD.)
    * Fantastic 4 - DVD 
    * Cinderella Man - DVD 

     * Neil Peart - “Anatomy Of A Drum Solo” (DVD; Rush’s drummer and lyricist.)
     * The Island - DVD
     * The 40 Year Old Virgin - DVD
     * Bad News Bears ‘05 - DVD
     * Valiant - DVD

     * Must Love Dogs - DVD
     * Four Brothers - DVD
     * The Brothers Grimm - DVD
     * The Exorcism Of Emily Rose - DVD

     * Dark Water - DVD
     * Grizzly Man - DVD


     * Wedding Crashers - DVD


     * Hustle & Flow - DVD


     * Be Good Tanyas - “TBA”
     * The Man - DVD


     * Roseanne Cash - “Black Cadillac”
     * The Strokes - “First Impressions Of Earth”
     * Yellowcard - “Lights And Sounds”


     * Live - “Songs From Black Mountain”


It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday.
The regular crowd shuffles in.
There’s an old man sitting next to me.
Making love to his tonic and gin.

He says ‘Son can you play me a memory?’
I’m not really sure how it goes.
But it’s sad and it’s sweet.
And I knew it complete.
When I wore a younger man’s clothes.

Sing us a song, you’re the piano man.
Sing us a song tonight.
Well we’re all in the mood for a melody.
And you’ve got us feeling alright.
Billy Joel from the song “Piano Man” off the album
Piano Man released in 1973.

Cheers all! 

Chris Barlow


 Copyright © 1996 - 2005 The Phantom Tollbooth