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The Crossing - April 2005 Edition

Hello folks. I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter. May the late Pope John Paul II rest in peace and let’s hope they find a suitable replacement for him with little difficulty. Rest in peace to Terri Schiavo as well. The weather is awesome in these parts and I hope it’s good in your neck of the woods. It’s almost drive around with the top down weather (with the music blasting, of course!)


I’m sure you’re all aware by now that Bruce Springsteen, seemingly out of nowhere, has a new album out this month. It releases April 26th and it’s called “Devils & Dust” and it’s his thirteenth album. It should be twelve songs long, although it may have a hidden, possibly controversial, thirteenth track. It’s gonna come out in the new Dualdisc format which consists of the normal CD on one side and a DVD on the flipside. His band, this time around, is session man Steve Jordan on drums and producer Brendon O’ Brien on bass. Don’t
quote me on all of this, but I think Bruce himself handles most, if not all, of the guitar duties. Brendon O’ Brien was also the producer of
Bruce’s last album The Rising and is a reknowned producer in Rock having produced Pearl Jam and King’s X in the past among many others. With O’ Brien in the producer’s seat, you can bet Bruce’s new album is in good hands. From what I’ve pieced together, this new album is a mostly stripped down affair, but not entirely stripped down. Supposedly it’s not quite like any other album he’s done before. Think Ghost Of Tom Joad or Nebraska, but with added instrumentation such as violin for two-thirds of it, while the remaining third should be closer to some of the rock songs off The Rising. If you’re already a true fan of Bruce, you’ll have no problem getting psyched to hear this new album. If you’ve grown up thinking what is all the fuss about with this guy named Bruce? Well, he’s certainly one of the best
songwriters about people in the business. He can write about himself. He can write about a multitude of characters that may or may not be like himself. And when he’s writing about others, he can display more empathy than most as he did on The Rising. Listening to a more and more outspoken Bruce these days in this political climate, you’re not always sure what you’ll get with him. But, for the true fans, you know you’ll always get a little slice of ‘home’ wherever you might hear him... 

Also like to give a shout out to the New Orleans trio Better Than Ezra who always supply us fans with a healthy dose of power pop with each of their new albums. Their fifth album, “Before The Robots” comes out on April 12th and you can expect it to be a dandy! They also put on really fun, entertaining concerts too with great musicianship. Check them out if they come your way...

Now, let’s get to it...

Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

King’s X - “Rehearsal EP” (Available at:; this is a 25 minute jam/rehearsal sneak peak of the guys working on their upcoming album to be out this summer.) 
John Doe - “Forever Hasn’t Happened Yet”
Will Hoge - “During The Before And After” (Live.)
Love Tractor - “Black Hole”
Wonderful Smith - “Hello, It’s Wonderful”
The Wonder Stuff - “Escape From Rubbish Island”
Greg Keelor - “Seven Songs Written For Jim” (Blue Rodeo singer sings songs for his departed Dad.)
Devendra Banhart/Jana Hunter - (Split album; five songs by each.) 
Peter Himmelman - “Imperfect World” 
Last Train Home - “Bound Away”
Sinch - “Clearing The Channel”
Kent - “Du & Jag Doden”
Dave Insley - “Call Me Lonesome”
Dennis Locorriere - “One Of The Lucky Ones” (former singer of the ‘70’s group Dr. Hook.) 
Billy Squier - “Absolute Hits”
Various Artists - “Yellow Pills: Prefill” (a compilation of obscure power pop classics compiled by a local St. Louis area power pop guru named Jordan Oakes. I know this guy.)
Bill Mallonee - “Friendly Fire” (Cross your fingers, wish upon a star, do whatever you have to do, and maybe, just maybe, Bill’s latest will be out this month. You can expect it to be a dandy as well! Order yours at or catch him in concert and purchase a copy at one of his shows.)


     Blue Rodeo - “Are You Ready” (10th album from the Toronto, Canada outfit.)
     Ellis Paul - “American Jukebox Fables”
     Stevie Wonder - “A Time 2 Love”
     Damien Jurado - “On My Way To Absence” 
     British Sea Power - “Open Season”
     Supersuckers - “Devil’s Food”
     Broken Social Scene - “Windsurfing Nation”
     Jann Arden - “Jann Arden”
     Alicia Keys - “Unplugged”
     Natalie Imbruglia - “Counting Down The Days”
     Okkervil River - “Black Sheep Boy”
     Jason Mraz - “Mr. A-Z”
     Terri Clark - “Honky Tonk Songs”
     Hot Hot Heat - “Elevator”
     Sideways - DVD
     Elektra - DVD
     Spanglish - DVD
     The Corporation - DVD

     Better Than Ezra - “Before The Robots”
     Amy Ray - “Prom”
     Martha Wainwright - “Martha Wainwright”
     Adema - “Adema”
     Garbage - “Bleed Like Me”
     Mudvayne - “Lost And Found”
     Millencolin - “Kingwood”
     Triumph - Reissues of Rock ‘N Roll Machine, Progressions Of Power and Sport Of Kings.)
     Styx - “Big Bang Theory” (Covers album.)
     Sister Hazel - “Lift: Acoustic Reenditions” (Online only.) 
     Rob Thomas - “Something To Be” (Matchbox 20 frontman.)
     Dig! - DVD
     Bad Education - DVD
     Ocean’s Twelve - DVD
     Hotel Rwanda - DVD
     The Woodsman - DVD


     The Choir - “O How The Mighty Have Fallen”
     Maria McKee - “Peddlin’ Dreams”               
     White Stripes - “TBA”
     Adam Richman - “Patience And Science”
     22-20’s - “22-20’s”
     Heavy Trash - “Heavy Trash”
     Meet The Fockers - DVD

     Bruce Springsteen - “Devils & Dust”
     Eels - “Blinking Lights And Other Revelations” (33 track double album.)
     John Prine - “Fair And Square”
     The Go-Betweens - “Oceans Apart” (w/bonus disc.)
     Ben Folds - “Songs For Silverman”
     Soul Sirkus - “World Play” (Side project of Neal Schon and Jeff Scot Soto; import.)
     System Of A Down - “Hypnotize”
     Porcupine Tree - “Deadwing”
     Power Station - “Power Station” (Remastered reissue w/DVD and extra tracks.) 
     Rick Springfield - “Written In Rock - Anthology (2 CD set.)
     Jo Dee Messina - “Delicious Surprise”
     Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events - DVD
     Assassination Of Richard Nixon - DVD
     House Of Flying Daggers - DVD
     Blade: Trinity - DVD
     Aimee Mann - “The Forgotten Arm” (Concept album about recovery from addiction.)
     Ryan Adams - “Cold Roses” (2 CD set.)
     Nine Inch Nails - “With Teeth”
     Jamiroquai - “Dynamite”
     Robert Plant - “Mighty Rearranger” (Led Zeppelin frontman for all the youngsters out there.)
     Fall Out Boy - “From Underneath The Cork Tree”
     Seether - “TBA”
     Shelly Fairchild - “Ride”
     Blessid Union Of Souls - “Perception”
     They Might Be Giants - “User’s Guide to They Might Be Giants”
     National Treasure - DVD
     Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom Of The Opera - DVD
     Lucinda Williams - “Live At The Fillmore” (2 CD set.)
     Richard Thompson - “Live from Austin, TX” 
     Headphones - “Headphones”
     Weezer - “Make Believe”
     Dave Matthews Band - “Stand Up”
     Tracy Bonham - “Blink The Brightest”
     Thousand Foot Krutch - “Art Of Breaking” 
     Missy Elliott - “TBA”
     Robert Earl Keen - “What I Really Mean”
     Utah Phillips - “Starlight On The Rails: A Songbook”
     The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou - DVD
     In Good Company - DVD     
     Assault On Precinct 13 - DVD
     William Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice - DVD
     Racing Stripes - DVD

      John Williams - “Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith” (Score.)
      Paul Westerberg - “Besterberg” (Best of including rarities.)
      Sawyer Brown - “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”
      Still Remains - “Of Love And Lunacy”
      Brian Jonestown Massacre - “We Are the Radio” 
      John Wetton & Geoff Downes - “Icon” (former Asia bandmates; import.)
      Def Leppard - “Rock Of Ages” (2 CD best of; North American version.)
      Team America: World Police - DVD
      Kinsey - DVD
      White Noise - DVD


      The Wallflowers - “Rebel, Sweetheart” (Fifth album from Jakob Dylan and company.)
      Jay Farrar - 2 CD retrospective.
      Shelby Lynne - “Suit Yourself”
      Stephen Malkmus - “Face The Truth”
      Sleater-Kinney - “The Woods”
      Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez - “Red Dog Tracks”
      Bruce Dickinson - “Tyranny Of Souls” (Iron Maiden singer’s sixth solo album.)    
      The Aviator - DVD
      A Very Long Engagement - DVD


      Oasis - “Don’t Believe The Truth”
      Staind - “Chapter V”
      East Of Eden - DVD; 50th anniversary edition.


      Coldplay - “X & Y”
      Teenage Fanclub - “Man-Made”
      Dream Theater - “Octavarium”
      Audioslave - “Out Of Exile”
      Taproot - “Blue Sky Research”
      Johnny Cash - “Johnny Cash - The Legend” (4 CD boxset; limited edition comes with DVD.)
      June Carter Cash - “Keep On The Sunny Side” (2 CD anthology.)


      The Strokes - “TBA”
      Dressy Bessy - “Electrified”
      Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell - “Begonias” 
      Alanis Morissette - “Jagged Little Pill - Acoustic” (10th anniversary.)


      Foo Fighters - “In Your Honor” (2 CD set; one acoustic, one electric.)
      Billy Corgan - “The Future Embrace” (former Smashing Pumpkins frontman, of course!)
      Coach Carter - DVD


      Shannon McNally - “Geronimo”


      Switchfoot - “Nothing Is Sound”
      Ryan Adams - “Jacksonville”
      30 Seconds To Mars - “The Battle of One” 


       Bob Mould - “Body Of Song” (Former Husker Du and Sugar frontman.)
       311 - “TBA”


       Carrie Newcomer - “Regulars And Refugees: More Stories From The Diner” 


I like this lyric not ‘cause I ever thought I was a tough guy, but just for how it states how LOVE can be one of the toughest things to do. I think the line ‘I don’t care about what they say’ is interesting ‘cause there’s always that segment of the population that thinks ‘to love’ is somehow a sign of weakness. It’s crap, of course, but it’s a very real part of our society. Mainly, I think, the song is saying, you can get through all sorts of adversity, but if you can’t love someone or find that someone to love, you’ve still got the biggest and best challenge in front of you! 

“I triumphed in the face of adversity
and I became the man I never thought I’d be.
And now my biggest challenge, a thing called love.
I guess I’m not as tough as I thought I was.

I don’t care about what they say.
I’m gonna marry you some day.
Go ahead and wake up, it’s a brand new day.
Angel’s wings gonna carry you away.
Angel’s wings gonna carry me away.
Angel’s wings gonna carry us away.”

Mike Ness (Social Distortion) from the song “Angel’s Wings” off the album Sex, Love And Rock ‘N Roll.

Spring is here. Enjoy the tunes and great weather! See you in May!

Oh! And the baseball season has started. May the best team win! Go Cardinals!!!

Chris Barlow


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