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The Crossing - September 2005 Edition

Music. It’s our lifeblood. It traces the river of life. It lets us know that someone else is feeling the same thing that you’re feeling...thinking the same thing that you’re thinking. We share it with the artist as much as the artist wants to share. The more the artist shares, the more we take from it. And the more we take, the more fans can give back letting the artist know he or she is doing a good job. It has all of the moods under the sun and it provides a reflection of people and how they live and the times they live in. It’s also therapy. 
Whether it was Bruce Springsteen or Steve Earle, September 11th was dealt with through song. The recent devastation in the Gulf Coast will eventually be dealt with in the same way from a great city known for it’s musical heritage. Until then, the long list that follows is merely that, a list that hasn’t fully flooded to contain everyone’s individual stories. The pain and suffering of the Gulf Region is still fresh, but in days to come the healing will begin for the survivors and eventually be documented in song.

For now, we have the current crop...tons and tons of artists doing what they do so well. I’d like to mention two of special note this month.


First up, out September 13th, is the new disc from Austin, Texas native Charlie Sexton. You may have seen him in the film “Thelma & Louise” way back when as the singer in the bar band in the opening scenes or you might have seen him recently in Bob Dylan’s touring band as his main guitarist and all-around ‘he can play anything’ guy. Not to mention seeing his name in production credits for recent Lucinda Williams’ albums. The new album, entitled “Cruel And Gentle Things”, is the long-awaited followup to one of the best albums
of the 90’s “Under The Wishing Tree” released in 1995. The only question here is whether or not Charlie can possibly top that album.
He’s got his work cut out for him, but I think he will manage just fine. I highly suggest finding a copy of that 1995 album. If you like Americana, roots-rock mixed with hints of blues and folk you would love this album. It plays like an indie film and I usually think of the great Texas based John Sayles film “Lone Star” for some reason whenever I listen to it. If “Cruel And Gentle Things” gets anywhere close to reaching the great achievement of “Under The Wishing Tree”, we might very well have the Album of the Year right here. 

Another album that fans, far and wide, are waiting for this month is the newly titled “Ogre Tones” from the fantastic Texas based power trio King’s X. The members of this band come from far and wide and they’ve got a sound that stretches musical boundaries everytime they plug in. Main singer and bassist Doug Pinnick from upstate Illinois, guitarist and occasional lead singer Ty Tabor from Mississippi and drummer Jerry Gaskill from New Jersey. They met up at school in Springfield, Missouri and the rest is history. Forming King’s X and releasing their debut album in 1988, named after a C.S. Lewis novel, King’s X was poised to conquer the world. Well, that didn’t happen exactly, but they’ve got a small, but extremely loyal fanbase that follows whatever the guys do whether it’s releasing solo projects that
the guys are involved in, touring non-stop, or releasing new King’s X albums. This new album, available September 27th, is especially highly anticipated because it’s got an outside producer for the first time since the Ear Candy album back in 1996. Michael Wagener, who has produced tons of bands, should give the guys an outside ear that they could desperately use. Not since Ear Candy and the previous five albums have King’s X really put out a truly great and solid album. The ponderously titled “Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous” came close in the year 2000, but it was too cryptic lyrically to really match the early greatness of King’s X. The equally ponderously titled
“Ogre Tones” may get King’s X back in the race for good as one of the all-time great bands. Also a candidate for Album of the Year...

Now, buy what you must. Provide for your family and give to charity what you don’t need....that’s pretty much the rule-of-thumb these

Let’s get to it:

Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

    * Bob Dylan - “No Direction Home” (2 CD set of rarities, demos and live tracks of classic Dylan songs compiled for a Martin Scorcese film.)
    * John Wesley - “Shiver” (A great singer/songwriter from the Tampa, Florida area; Check out his website.)
    * The Europeans - “Recurring Dream” (Steve Hogarth’s pre-Marillion band.)
    * Andrew Peterson - “The Far Country”
    * Death Cab For Cutie - “Drive Well, Sleep Carefully” (DVD.)
    * To Kill A Mockingbird - DVD reissue.


    * The Rolling Stones - “A Bigger Bang”
    * The Proclaimers - “Restless Soul” (The twins return with their sixth album.)
    * Kate Campbell - “Blues & Lamentations”
    * Kate Rusby - “Girl Who Couldn’t Fly” (import.) 
    * North Mississippi All-Stars - “Electric Blue Watermelon”
    * Sarah McLachlan - “Bloom” (Remix album.)
    * Peter Himmelman - “Mission Of My Soul: Best Of”
    * Bill Staines - “The Second Million Miles”
    * Joan Baez - “Bowery Songs”
    * James McMurtry - “Childish Things”
    * Robin & Linda Williams - “The First Christmas Gift”
    * Fern Jones - “The Glory Road”
    * Jose Gonzalez - “Veneer”
    * Dreamside - “Spin Moon Magic”
    * The Leaves - “Angela Test”
    * Richard Thompson - “The Old Kit Bag” (Dualdisc reissue.)
    * Richard Thompson - “Grizzly Man” (Soundtrack.)
    * Beth Hart - “Live At Paradiso”
    * Ian Brown - “Greatest Hits”
    * Plumb - “Chaotic Resolve”
    * Ben Taylor - “Another Run Around The Sun”
    * Richard Hawley - “Cole’s Corner”
    * Peasall Sisters - “Home To You”
    * New Model Army - “Carnival”
    * Howard Jones - “Revolution Of The Heart”
    * The Strawbs - “Live At Nearfest 2004” (Import.)
    * Daniela Cotton - “Small White Town”
    * Various Artists - “Rockin’ The Corps”
    * The Police - “Synchronicity Concert In Atlanta” (First time on DVD.)
    * Bruce Springsteen - “VH1 Storytellers” (DVD; 90 minutes, unedited.)
    * Crash - DVD
    * Toy Story - DVD (10th Anniversary.)


    * Paul McCartney - “Chaos And Creation In The Backyard”
    * Charlie Sexton - “Cruel And Gentle Things”
    * David Gray - “Life In Slow Motion”
    * Switchfoot - “Nothing Is Sound”
    * Dar Williams - “My Better Self”
    * Tracey Chapman - “Where You Live”
    * Simple Minds - “Black And White 010105”
    * Rob Dickinson - “Fresh Wine For The Horses” (ex-Catherine Wheel singer and did you know? First cousin of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. True.)
    * Blue Rodeo - “Are You Ready” (US release.)
    * Patty Loveless - “Dreamin’ My Dreams” (Covers Richard Thompson, Steve Earle and Buddy & Julie Miller.)
    * Bonnie Raitt - “Souls Alike”
    * Trisha Yearwood - “Jasper County”
    * Tim O’Brien - “Cornbread Nation” and “Fiddler’s Green”
    * Sigur Ros - “Takk”
    * Santana - “All That I Am”
    * Blues Traveler - “Bastardos”
    * Spin Doctors - “Nice Talking To Me”
    * The Sun - “Blame It On The Youth”
    * Rusty Anderson - “Undressing Underwater”
    * BB King & Friends - “Eighty” (Duets include Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Billy Gibbons.)
    * Freakwater - “Thinking Of You”
    * Super Furry Animals - “Love Kraft”
    * Dandy Warhols - “Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars”
    * The Like - “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking”
    * Devendra Barnhart - “Cripple Crow”
    * Antigone Rising - “From The Ground Up”
    * The Fray - “How To Save A Life”
    * Nada Surf - “The Weight Is A Gift”
    * Sonic Youth - “Goo” (Remastered reissue.)
    * Institute - “Distort Yourself”
    * Dave Davies - “Chosen People”
    * George Jones - “Hits I Missed...and One I Didn’t”
    * Genesis - “Platinum Collection” (Reissue of the 3 CD set covering their entire career.)
    * Black ‘N Blue - “4 CD Boxset” (Very Limited; 1000 copies.)
    * Rough Cutt - “2 CD Collection” (First two albums.)
    * Thumbsucker - Soundtrack featuring Elliott Smith.
    * Elizabethtown - Soundtrack for the new Cameron Crowe movie.
    * Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock” (DVD.)
    * The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy - DVD
    * Fever Pitch - DVD
    * Rock School - DVD
    * Palindromes - DVD
    * Madison - DVD
    * Nobody Knows - DVD
    * Empire Falls - DVD


    * Neil Young - “Prairie Wind” (w/DVD.)
    * Old 97’s - “Alive & Wired” (2 CD live set from Gruene Hall.)
    * Calexico - “In The Reins” (EP.)
    * Echo & The Bunnymen - “Siberia”
    * Pieta Brown - “In The Cool” (Guests Greg Brown, Iris DeMent and Bo Ramsey.)
    * Peter Malick & Norah Jones - “New York City: Chill Album”
    * George Clinton - “Best Of Live”
    * Ray Charles - “Genius And Friends”
    * Ray Charles - “Complete Atlantic Recordings 1952-1959”
    * Barbara Striesand & Barry Gibb - “Guilty Pleasures”
    * Billy Joe Shaver - “The Real Deal”
    * Jerry Douglas - “The Best Kept Secret”
    * Kathy Mattea - “Right Out Of Nowhere”
    * Townes Van Zandt - “Be Here To Love Me: Soundtrack”
    * Boz Scaggs - “Fade Into Light”
    * Apollo Sunshine - “Apollo Sunshine” 
    * Biff Rose - “The Thorn In Mrs. Rose’s Side”
    * Tim Fite - “Gone Ain’t Gone” 
    * The Brakes - “Give Blood” (import.)
    * Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash - “Mile Maker”
    * Bon Jovi - “Have A Nice Day”
    * Anthrax - “No Hit Wonders 1985-1991”
    * Bob Dylan - “No Direction Home” (2 DVD companion set.)
    * The Pixies - “Sell Out” (DVD.)
    * Born Into Brothels - DVD
    * The Longest Yard - DVD
    * Mindhunters - DVD
    * Turtles Can Fly - DVD
    * It’s All Gone, Pete Tong - DVD
    * The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl In 3D


    * King’s X - “Ogre Tones” (New title.) 
    * Natalie Merchant - “Retrospective 1995-2005” (Available in 1 and 2 CD versions.)
    * Fish - “Bouillabaisse” (a noun meaning a highly seasoned fish stew; 2 CD best of; import.Check out one of the best lyricist’s of all-time at:
    * The Waterboys - “Karma To Burn” (Import; Live CD; new date.)
    * David Wilcox & Nance Pettit - “Out Beyond Ideas - Songs For Peace”
    * Ryan Adams - “Jacksonville City Nights” (a honky-tonk, country type album.)
    * Big Star - “In Space”
    * Bruce Cockburn - “Speechless” (Instrumental album not surprisingly.)
    * Elbow - “Leaders Of The Free World”
    * Sheryl Crow - “Wildflower”
    * Blind Melon - “Best Of”
    * Idina Menzel - “Still I Can’t Be Still”
    * David Phelps - “Life Is A Church” (I don’t know this for a fact but I virtually guarantee that the title song was written by Marcus Hummon.)
    * Kendall Payne - “Grown”
    * Barlowgirl - Another Journal Entry” (I’m not related to these girls but I probably wouldn’t mind if I was.)
    * Ric Ocasek - “Nexterday”
    * Sam Cooke - A few reissues.
    * The Corrs - “Home” (Import.)
    * Wolf Parade - “Apologies To The Queen Mary”
    * Rock City Angels - “Young Man’s Blues” (reissue.)
    * Adrian Smith - “Silver And Gold” (reissue.)
    * Vivian Campbell - “Two Sides Of If”
    * Calla - “Collisions”
    * Jello Biafra and The Melvins - “Sieg Howdy”
    * Spock’s Beard - “Live in ‘05 - Gluttons For Punishment” (2 CD set.)
    * Robert Pollard - “Music For ‘Bubble’” (Soundtrack EP.) 
    * Roger Waters - “Ca Ira” (A 3 Act Opera about the French Revolution.)
    * Chronicles Of Narnia - Soundtrack
    * Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story - (4 CD boxset.)
    * The Band - “A Musical History” (Five CD’s and 1 DVD Boxset.)
    * Elvis Costello - “Right Spectacle - Best of Videos” (2 DVD set includes one hour live concert.) 
    * Robots - DVD
    * Lords Of Dogtown - DVD


    * Franz Ferdinand - “You Could Have It So Much Better”
    * Fiona Apple - “Extraordinary Machine”
    * Liz Phair - “Somebody’s Miracle”
    * Melissa Etheridge - “Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled”
    * Nickelback - “All The Right Reasons”
    * Bobby Bare - “Moon Was Blue”
    * James Blunt - “Back To Bedlam”
    * Cross Canadian Ragweed - “Garage”
    * Journey - “Generations” (US release.)
    * Cream - “Live at Royal Albert Hall May 2005” (Reunion album.)
    * Queen w/Paul Rodgers - “Return Of The Champions” (2 CD live set.)
    * The Talking Heads - “Brick” (Boxset.)
    * Cinderella - DVD (the Disney classic.)
    * The Interpreter - DVD
    * Amityville Horror - DVD


    * Jackson Browne - “Solo Acoustic Volume 1”
    * Dolly Parton - “Those Were The Days”
    * Jerry Garcia - “Ladder To The Stars: Garcia Plays Dylan” (2 CD unearthed set.)
    * Kingdom Of Heaven - DVD
    * The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants - DVD
    * Kicking And Screaming - DVD
    * Unleashed - DVD


    * Depeche Mode - “Playing The Angel”
    * Batman Begins - DVD


    * Bryan Adams - “Stripped” (All acoustic.)
    * Voivod - “DVOD - 1” (All of their videos and concert clips.)
    * Leolo - DVD (a great film from 1993; first time on DVD.)
    * House Of Wax - DVD
    * Bewitched - DVD


    * TNT - “All The Way To The Sun”
    * Guided By Voices - “Suitcase 2: American Superdream Wow” (4 CD Boxset.)


    * Wilco - “Live”
    * The Tragically Hip - “Hipeponymous” (4 CD plus
DVD boxset; import, Canada.)
    * Trey Anastasio - “Shine”
    * Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith -
    * Aliens Of The Deep - (DVD; James Cameron documentary.)
    * Dear America - Letters Home From Vietnam - (First time on DVD; 1988 documentary.) 


    * Bob Seger - “Face The Promise”
    * Patti Smith - “Horses” (Expanded edition reissue.)
    * Live 8 Concerts - Four DVD Set.


    * Guided By Voices - “Final Show at the Chicago Cabaret Metro” (DVD.)
    * Green Day - “Bullet In A Bible” (DVD; concert film.) 


    * Live - “Songs From Black Mountain”
    * Polar Express - DVD


    * Millions - DVD
    * Mr. And Mrs. Smith - DVD


    * Cinderella Man - DVD


“I’ve got the ways and means to New Orleans. I’m going down by the river where it’s warm and green. I’m gonna have a drink and walk around. I’ve got a lot to think about...”
Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) from the song
“Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” off the album Bloodletting.

Stay safe. Stay well. Say your prayers. Count your blessings. Never forget. See you next month...

Chris Barlow


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