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Playground in My Mind by Clint Holmes: a '70s Children's Crossover Pop Tune with Enduring Value:
by Psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT 

The mind of an adult is a terrible thing to waste.  It is also often a terrible place to visit, and you wouldn't want to live there.  Why?  Because the innocence of childhood is virtually gone--long gone.  It just takes one heartbreak, or one unfortunate twist of fate.  It just takes one experience with being the recipient of abandonment or betrayal.  It just takes one act of poor judgment that ends in disaster.  With the loss of that innocence, the cyanide of cynicism has often set in.  With the abandonment of child-like faith, there is intense worry and anxiety.  There are a million reasons why a dream can't come true, and just as many reasons why a golden opportunity is just a failure waiting to happen---failure wrapped in fool's gold. Once-innocent remarks can now be easily misconstrued to represent perverse sexual innuendoes carelessly tossed around a group of co-workers standing around  a drinking fountain at work.  Imagination has all but died.  I teach university courses, and I see it every day.  Asking students to think creatively is like pulling teeth.  The adult mind would undoubtedly have retained the innocence, imagination and delight of childhood had it not been for the fall of man in the garden of Eden.

Clint Holmes can easily transform an adult mind into the mind of a child within a few minutes with his classic, Playground in My Mind.  He must have really been in touch with his inner childhood because you can't help but feel that you are in the midst of a playground when you go back and listen to the song.  

Holmes, the son of an African-American jazz musician and a British opera singer still transports adults into their childhood yesteryears with his live Las Vegas Performances.  He has mastered the art of retaining one's youthful spirit.  So if you ever feel that you've lost that childhood feeling, and want to bring it back, just dig up this old classic, and bask in the innoncence and wonder of your youth once again.  

A good wine is worth saving, a good aphorism is worth keeping in mind, and a good song is worth repeating.  I'm probably not good enough to cover the song, but I took cover under the notion that I am not Clint Holmes.  I'm not even the next best thing, but I sure love to sing, and so, for what its worth, I'll sing the song for you.  You're welcome to sing along if you like.  If you don't like my cover of the song, feel free to find the original and play that.  It will always hold its value.  Below, you will find my cover of the song, and Clint's original lyrics.  Don't feel bad if the song causes you to regress just a little.  After all, Jesus said we must come to him as little children!

Playground in My Mind (Dr. BLT's cover of Clint Holmes's classic) 

When this old world gets me down
And there's no love to be found
I close my eyes and soon I find
I'm in a playground in my mind
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

"My name is Michael, I got a nickel
I got a nickel, shiny and new
I'm gonna buy me all kinds of candy
That's what I'm gonna do"

See the little children
Living in a world that I left behind
Happy little children
In the playround in my mind

Oh the wonders that I find
In the playground in my mind
In a world that used to be
Close your eyes and follow me
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

"My girl is Cindy
When we get married, we're gonna have a baby or two
We're gonna let them visit their grandma
That's what we're gonna do"

"My name is Cindy
When we get married, were gonna have a baby or two
We're gonna let them vist their grandma
That's what we're gonna do"

See the little children
See how they're playing so happy
In the playround in my mind

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
La la la la la la la
Playground in My Mind 
Clint Holmes: lyrics 



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