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Rake's Thinking Again? More Thoughts...

Might anyone at CCM Magazine have figured it was I who voted for its readers favorites awards this year when I insinuated Jump5, Alan Jackson, Larry Norman, Carman, Mavis Staples, Jesus Music (the band, not music by ageing, sanctified hippies), The All-Saved Freak Band and the youngest sister in Out Of Eden among my survey responses? If not, just blew my cover, huh? 
What kind of cool, kooky circles must Tonio K. must travel to have landed co-songwriting credits on the new Burt Bacharach album? And isn't Mr. K. overdue for a new solo album by a few years? Yes.
How good does Kristen Chenoweth look in the current TV ad for Old Navy's boycut jeans? Very, I say. And if you know more about the progress of her Dusty Springfield bio' movie, let me know, eh?
Is that middle age crisis screaming from Rick Warren's doofy facial hair and buzzcut 'do? Looks like. He'd do well to ditch the mirror sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts, too. Really.
Will the next, long-awaited Iona studio album receive a U.S. release? Here's hoping, though maybe a general market prog rock speciality label would serve them better than a Christian market company. 
What percent of likelihood is there that any movies made from Anne Rice's quasi-autobiographical novels about Jesus Christ's life on Earth will meet with the same marketing frenzy from Bible booksellers as that accompanying the motion picture adaptations of C.S. Lewis's Narnia novels? All things considered, it would only seem  fair.
How do you think the Barlow Girl sisters would respond were I to tell them that their last radio single reminded me of Hole...and that this is a good thing? Really!
After living in the studio, the gals sound is finally up to the inner Runaways or Pandoras (or Courtney Loves) I suspected were always in them. Not that they would admit as much in Brio, right? 
Were I a betting man, how much would  be wiling to wager that a CD box set of late '60s-early '70s psychedelic rock obscurities from the Jesus movement will be released by a general market speciality label even before the long-delayed, nigh sure to be not as generous in the track listing nor musical depth Sparrow Records project of tunes from around that era ever appears, if ever it does? Enough to make it worth my while, maybe.
Considering the arcana that psychedelic reissue labels such as Italy's Arkarma release, how deserving of at least a Nuggets-styled box set or three is the music of the aforementioned hippie revival? Plenty, I'd say.
Wouldn't posable action figures be great at the merch' table of The Knights Of The New Crusade (an act also in my CCM  poll responses)? Those, or bobble heads. methinks. 
Sartorially, those guys have to be the closest Christian-made music has to either Kiss or The Residents. So, why hasn't the magazine whose year-end poll I mentioned earlier given them any ink?   
Anybody out there know if Jack Lalanne is a Christian? I could kick whomever is responsible at  ESPN Classic for bumping his black&white reruns (he's the only TV instructor with whom I'll exercise) during the NFL's season. Without ever talking about Christ specifically, he sure gave God/the Lord and going to church enough props, and the guy seems so clean cut that it has me wondering.
Even though their only U.S. release was their last and weakest album, isn't it about time that there were a thorough CD overview of The Technos recording carrer?
Affirmative, says Rake Thoughts' thinker, and it should include work from the late Steve and still-living Bev Fairnie's previous bands, including Fish Co., Famous Names, Techno Twins, Technostalgia and Writz, too. 
   It would be one schizoid collection, but therein lies part of its potential charm.     
How did punk rock morph from a music deemed so dangerous that Jimmy Carter discouraged its airplay during his presidency to the premiere soundtrack to church youth group events?
Don't get me wrong. I enjoy Reliant K, Hawk Nelson, et al as much as anyone standing in MTV's TRL studio (though perhaps from a different vantage point), but it's still odd for me to hear them on Christian radio amidst acts who are tons lamer and/or certainly less punk.
Why hasn't Switchfoot's general market success spurred more interest in Jerome's old recordings as part of Mortal and Fold Zandura? They were killer bands whose work could stand to come back in print anyway.

Jamie Lee Rake 


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