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Superchic[k] Part Three:  “Beauty From Pain”, A Review and Why It Is Their Most Personal Album To Date
Earlier this week Superchic[k] released their long awaited album “Beauty > Pain” and once again reviewers will fumble with trying to put a label on this unbelievably talented band’s music.  Fronted by vocalists and guitarists Tricia and Melissa Brock along with Matt Dally, they continue to rock with the best artists, groove with the best rappers and urbanites and just when you think you have them all figured out, they throw in some pop.  Once again this is a masterful production demonstrating the genius of Superchic[k]’s Max Hsu.
The number two track on the CD, “Pure,” can only be described as a mix of rap, techno, urban and rap but this is not a song looking for an identity because “Pure” is a marvelously crafted song with some splendid guitar riffs and even more memorable melodies. The words won’t challenge you intellectually but does everything in life have to be difficult? This song is meant to inspire hope when hope is lost.
Superchic[k]’s newest creation speaks right from the hearts, hurts and pain of its members.  They described the previous eighteen months as a period in which each of the members faced particularly difficult times. Dally is a perfect example of that as he spoke to one of his closest friends late one night and his friend’s mother phoned him the next morning to tell Dally that his buddy had died in his sleep---his heart just stopped. As indicated in a previous segment of this Superchic[k] series, Tricia Brock has watched her best friend battle through severe depression. Those two events are only the tip of the iceberg of what the various individual members of Superchic[k] have endured in recent days.” That’s what this album is really about the doubts and times of trials”, says Dally.
While the album takes on issues such as the death of a child and cancer, which hits close to home for Dally whose mother is a cancer survivor. Songs like “Beauty From Pain” continue to offer hope by reminding us in the last line “I cling to your promises that there will be a dawn.” This is a beautiful ballad with classical overtures that speaks to the heart of loneliness that can threaten to engulf us and give up our will to live.
Tricia Brock says the main reason Superchic[k] is able to reach so many people on so many different levels is because of their willingness to just be honest. “A lot of artists I know weren’t always saved and maybe they can be honest and say they messed up and that’s why they know there’s a second chance always, or a third chance or a fourth chance.” She says too often we are afraid that if we tell people we messed up they will look down upon us. 
Dally adds, “Sometimes they (people) are not happy with where they are at and they don’t understand why God put them in that situation and I know a lot of people are going to be upset about that but I think the bottom line is a lot of kids that are going to buy the record are going to appreciate the sincerity and the realness of it because they have been there before.”
The song “Suddenly” speaks to the heart of what so many Christians try to avoid admitting, the times when doubt creeps in. “She feels lost in her own life / treading water just to keep from slipping under” As in all Superchic[k] songs however there is a message of hope and encouragement, “And through her tears she can’t see the dawn is coming / Skies will clear and the light will find her where she’s always been”
Dally says, “One of the issues that Christians are really afraid of is doubting God because on Sunday morning you have to put that smile on your face and everything is great. You are saying God is in control but the bottom line is everybody goes through a time when they are saying, God what are you doing with my life? What is going on? I’m miserable, where are you at?  I know we are going to ruffle some feathers.   There are times in our lives where we are saying, this hurts so bad God why are you putting me through that? The beautiful thing about our record's title ‘Beauty from Pain” is God takes those moments where you feel so distant and you are so hurt and he totally transforms them to good. Later you get to sit back and say, 'Holy cow, I grew so much and God was there the whole time.'”  
The only thing about the album that could have been done better is the CD cover. The graphics are great but the print is almost impossible to read against the background colors. It negates a fan’s ability to delve into the lives of their favorite band members if just for a moment to read their notes or even to find the lyrics to a song.
Beauty From Pain proves that Superchic[k] isn’t content to merely produce good music they have a desire to improve with each and every album and they have once again.

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

This material may not be redistributed without prior written permission from Joe Montague.

Joe Montague is a  freelance Christian journalist / photographer who has been published in a variety of community, daily and Christian newspapers coast to coast in Canada and the United States.  Joe Montague's ministry of journalism is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven far too early at the age of 18. 



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