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  Once Upon a Shattered Life
Artist: Seventh Day Slumber
Label: BEC Recordings
Length: 10/36:22

Here’s a band that speaks from credibility when they identify with troubled kids.  The quartet is made up of a recovering alcoholic, a pair of Bible college students (one of whom was addicted to cocaine), a son of missionaries, and a Christian who watched his parents’ marriage dissolve after 31 years.  

Seventh Day Slumber delves into some of these areas in Once Upon a Shattered Life, an album that sounds like several of the BEC artists: emotive rock with intelligible singing, harmonies sung over soaring rock choruses, and vocals from the Staind/Incubus/Creed school of music.

 Like many modern bands, bits and pieces from childhood favorites sneak in occasionally.  The intro to “Shattered Life” is quite similar to The Police, while “Make Believe” has a much harder edge to it before falling back into Creed range.  “Caroline” is lyrically a throwback to CCM rock balladeers Petra and DeGarmo & Key.

 “Believe” is simply a modern re-telling of the song “Amazing Grace”, in that it revisits the theme of sinners being lost without God, and drawing strength and identity from Him.  “Chris’ Letter” is a desperate cry for help, of needing love, of someone holding on, but just barely, wanting to know God is real.

“Masquerade” speaks of dropping all pretenses before God, and wishes for the same actions between people.  “Oceans from the Rain” speaks of God’s steadfast nature, especially in love.  

There will be some who dismiss Seventh Day Slumber as formulaic hard rock, but I found myself pleasantly surprised by this album.  There is an underlying current to this album that makes you feel as if the artists not only know on where they speak, but that can help others who are dealing with some of the same issues.  Seventh Day Slumber makes open admission they don’t have all the answers, but know where to look.  

Brian A. Smith
19 February 2005



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